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*peeks around the corner*

winter reflection
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*looks around carefully*

*her face goes red*

How did it get to be the 10th of February? How did I not post for a week? What is going on?

Oh, yeah, real life. My life has been really real lately and my blogging everywhere has taken a downturn. I am hoping that it changes here really soon because otherwise I’m going to have word explosion!

I have an idea of what I want to write about for the next dozen entries or so, but actually getting those entries out is proving to be a struggle. Today is day two of being home from work due to severe sinus congestion and I am not very motivated to actually do the research I need to. Yet. Maybe later. Or maybe I’ll go to bed at 8pm again.

Either way I’ll be back … soon(ish).

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Useful health websites

Diagram of the location of introns and exons w...
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A work project has introduced me to a slew of new websites and I’ve spent a lot of time on a few of them. Those that pulled me in will be featured this week! Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

Need to do some research for school? What about research for your blog posts? Plug in your search phrase on the GoPubMed website and watch as it retrieves hundreds, sometimes thousands of journal articles for your browsing needs.

Use the left hand column to search by author, by date published, by topics included, and much more. Use the link at the bottom of the page to export the last hundred articles into a program of your choice for easier reading.

Use the “GoGene” tab to search gene networks to see which genes are involved in which bodily processes including mutations and diseases.

Use the “Clipboard” feature to see what you’ve marked (after seeing your search results) all in one place. Keep your information neat and organized!

Check out the “Statistics” tab to see the subjects of the latest 1,000 articles if you’re interested in nerdy things like that!

Use the “Advanced” tab for advanced searching. Know an article’s author but not the title? This is the place for you. Need an article about “Asian pears” from 2004? This is your link.

I recommend this site to anyone who needs research information. You can essentially find anything with a quick search, and the articles are published for free public viewing! Perfect for students of any subject!

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What I’m thinking about …

Map of South Carolina
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  • moving. South Carolina is really far away. I’m sure this is what God is leading me to do, but I’m scared. There, I admitted it. Go me. I need to start making lists again to keep myself organized. I’ll plan for it and my steps will be directed.
  • … working. I feel like I’m working a lot. I work 40 hours a week at the bank and then have double-digit hours for WEGOHealth and then count this blog as work, too. I love being busy, but I’m working a lot.
  • … playing. I’m not doing it enough. What do you do for play-time?
  • … singing. Lately I’ve been singing a lot. In the car, in the shower, on the couch, in the coffee shop I’m at right now. What has gotten into me?
  • … running. Dear Running, I miss you. Will you stop making my foot hurt so we can’t hang out again? The weather is about to get nasty and I’d love to spend some time outside with you before it does. Love, Sarah
  • … writing. I do a lot of non-fiction writing, but I’m passionate about ALL forms of writing. NaNoWriMo is coming up, but with all that working (see above) I don’t know if I have the actual time to write another novel.
  • … moving on. From a lot of things. Change is good, especially when it’s good for you. Please keep that in mind this week.
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Friday 5 – 8/22/08

happy harvest pot pie
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So, how did last week go?

I didn’t manage to go for a walk since I was on crutches, but I did manage to get the rest of my goals taken care of. Did you join in? Did you write your hand-written note? I did, a thank you note to a friend. Did you hide your $1? I did. I’ll find it later, I’m sure. My TV is off as I’m writing this – I normally have the TV on for background noise while I blog! I drank more than my 8 glasses of water each and every day this week, too. I’m darned proud of myself!

This week I issue the following challenges to you!

1. Cook all of your meals. Don’t eat out, don’t go through the drive-thru, and even if you have to, cook some pot pies or box mac n’cheese. By cooking your own meals you’ll save some money as well as probably eat healthier!

2. Spend a half an hour with someone close to you. Laugh with them, cry with them, just sit around and read magazines together. Company is good for our souls, and if you haven’t been seeing your friends or family regularly, you’re missing out!

3. Do these three stretches every day – your neck deserves it!

4. Leave a comment on a blog where you’re normally intimidated to do so. I am normally intimidated to talk to some bloggers, but I am making it a goal to comment on at least ONE blog this week I’m normally shy on. You should, too!

5. Hug your child, your spouse, your best friend, your boss even, for at least 10 seconds. Let them know that you appreciate them and that they are loved. (Well, okay, maybe not your boss … but you get the point.) You’ll feel better, your hugee will feel better and physical contact is good for you!

Let me know how it goes, okay!

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