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Tips for women with waists

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Short-waisted women:
Do you frequently tuck your shirts into your pants? Get pants with lower rises then to lower your waistline.
Wear a bra. Even better? Wear a supportive bra. Keeping your breasts where they should be emphasizes your waist.
Buying longer tops draws your waistline lower.
When wearing a belt, opt for a narrow one, push it below the natural waist just a bit and match it to your shirt color – all tips to elongate your torso.

Long-waisted women:
Wear V-neck tops
Try jackets with curved hems rather than straight ones, they’ll cut you off less.
Narrow skirts with tapered sides will make your legs look longer, so will raised waistlines with a belt that matches your pants color.
Heels! Making your legs look longer with shoes is easy!

BTW – This has everything to do with health. Women feel their best when they look their best!

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Are you long waisted, short waisted or just plain wasted?

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Ever read style articles and see that something is recommended for a long-waisted woman or that “this dress fits a short waisted woman the best”? I have, and I’ve always been kinda concerned, what am I? I have learned why one-piece bathing suits never quite fit me right (and are ALWAYS wedgie-inducers!): I’m long waisted!

If you’re curious:

Measure yourself from the top of your head to your natural waist (the smallest part of your midsection).
Measure yourself from your natural waist to the floor.

If the first measurement (head to waist) is longer than the second measurement (waist to floor), you’re long waisted. If your waist-to-floor measurement is longer than your head-to-waist measurement, you’re short waisted.

Easy, huh?

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