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How to read people

Paper Kite
Image by SARhounds via Flickr

According to Joe Navarro, former FBI special agent (I want that job) and author of What Every Body Is Saying, you can learn to read people pretty well with just three little tips.

*If a person smokes or bites her nails excessively, she is soothing herself because she’s stressed.
*If someone preens (wears his hair perfectly styled or has beautifully manicured nails) it’s usually a healthy sign of confidence and self-respect. (I have trouble with this one because my hands/nails normally look like hell (dealing with paper all day) and I am a pretty confident and self-respecting woman.)
*Wearing a locket with a photograph or even a bracelet with someone’s names or initials on it shows that the wearer values relationships, traditions and family. (Or they’re a creepy stalker.)

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A humiliating bus stop

Part of me wants to be appalled, but most of me is giggling at the advertising ploy behind it.

You sit on the bench at the bus stop and your weight is clearly displayed for all to see. The gym guilts someone into joining their establishment with creative advertising! Fitness First, a health club in the Netherlands hopes to increase their gym membership numbers by embarrassing the every-day bus rider.

Read more of the original article at Gizmodo!

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Truvia Trivia

I recently saw an advertisement in Shape magazine for “truvia” that caught my eye.
“Our new sweetener is born from a leaf, not in a lab. Meet the leaf of the stevia plant. The proud parent of our new natural sweetener. We just give it water. We give it sun. Next, we steep it in a process like making tea. Ultimately, this little leaf gives back a recipe for sweetness that’s both delicious and 0-calorie guilt-free. It’s a miracle of nature, not chemistry. Enjoy. Find it at your grocery store. Find out more at

Being the curious consumer I am, I did a little research.
Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni: an herb in the sunflower family (Asteraceae) which grows in Paraguay & Brazil, up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, stevia has a “negligible effect” on blood glucose, in 1991 the United States banned stevia unless it was listed as supplement.

Truvia: consumer brand of stevia made of erythritol (a sugar alcohol) and Rebiana (cleared as a safe food sweetener), jointly marketed by Cargill and the Coca-Cola company.

What I find truly interesting about truvia sweetener is that a Coke is directly involved in it’s creation and it’s marketing. Might the soda manufacturing companies be taking a hit as people recognize their unhealthy and incredibly addictive drinks? Also, on the website, truvia is clearly classified as a non-organic sweetener.

I have yet to try truvia, but if I see it available, I probably will. I’ve tried many (many!) artificial sweeteners and while I prefer to bake with regular ‘ol cane sugar, I prefer Splenda in my coffee or tea right now. Thankfully I’m not sensitive to artificial sweeteners and so I have plenty of choices to keep my sweet tooth happy!

What other people are saying about truvia:
What To Eat’s Marion Nestle: Cargill’s Truvia (Stevia) comes to tow
WebMD‘s Miranda Hitti: Truvia, Made From Stevia, Being Sold Online and in Certain N.Y. Supermarkets
Baltimore Sun‘s Meredith Cohn: It’s called Truvia: The newest sugar substitute comes from the stevia plant
Ruth from Blisstree Media: New in the Market: Truvia Natural Sweetener
Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple: Is Truvia Safe?

What do you have to say about truvia?

April showers

Image by ainasa via Flickr

Spring has sprung in many parts of the United States, and for most of us, the weather is warming up, our wardrobes are changing, we’re digging out dusty sunglasses and our toes are sliding back into flip flops. Magazines, books, websites and even television shows are encouraging women to take care of themselves and put themselves as first priority so that as soon as summer hits we’re in the best bikini shape we can be! While I’m going to encourage us to do that, too, I’m throwing in a lot more.

What to expect from Women’s Health in April:
*fitness tips – the season of fewer clothes is right around the corner
*nutrition information – there’s all sorts of new stuff out all the time
*beauty product reviews – if you have recommendations or products you’d like to review, please contact me
*new food/recipe reviews – same review offer as before
*fashion stuff – this is a new territory for me since I”m a jeans & t-shirt girl, but we’ll see what I can pull out for ya’ll!
*interviews with other women’s health advocates – know one? Contact me!

Do you have an idea of what you want to see happening at Women’s Health? My inbox is always open for your suggestions – always!

Be Well,

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YPFW :: Garland pose

While the Garland Pose (Malasana) looks a bit silly, it is a wonderful chance for your legs to rest during yoga sessions. It helps make your ankles supple, stretches your back, your lower legs and your neck muscles. When you think about it, the Garland Pose is actually just a simple squatting position that a lot of people worldwide use daily just to work!

To do the Garland Pose:
Squat with feet as close together as possible. (Keep heels on the floor; otherwise, support them on a folded mat.) Separate thighs slightly wider than torso. Exhaling, lean torso forward and fit it snugly between thighs.

Press elbows against inner knees, bringing palms together in Salutation Seal (Anjali Mudra), and resist knees into elbows. This will help lengthen front torso.

To go further, press inner thighs against sides of torso. Reach arms forward, then swing out to sides and notch shins into armpits. Press finger tips to floor, or reach around outside of ankles and clasp back heels.

Hold position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, inhale, straighten knees, and stand into Uttanasana.

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Personal Update

University of South Carolina
Image via Wikipedia

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you know that I was accepted to the University of South Carolina for their master’s program in public health education. I accepted their offer and went to visit. I fell in love with the city, the people and the program. I was set to move until about three weeks ago when I started doing some intense calculations.

I have a good job that I love. In fact, I’m getting a raise at the end of the month and a promotion in the beginning of May (at my anniversary!). I really enjoy working with the bank, the people AT the bank, and do well at my job on top of it all. I hit my year goal in six months. I’m pretty proud of that! So, since the economy is such a piece of work right now, I’ve decided NOT to give up my fantastic job, a steady job, a job which I’m great at, for graduate school.

I’m working on a mental list of places I’ll apply for the next year (or maybe the year after that, who knows) and my search for a perfect volunteer place has started. I don’t quite know what the future holds for me, but for now it holds steady in a town I love, surrounded by people I love, doing things I love.

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Women’s History Month

New York Public Library #5
Image by an untrained eye via Flickr

Check out Feministing for a national calender of Women’s History events!

Join other women celebrating our femininity at events like the New York commemoration of the 1969 Abortion Speakout; the College Park, Maryland “How are women affected by the war on drugs?” lecture or the Kirksville, Missouri Pap Art exhibition!

See what’s going on in or near your city!

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Serious Health Issues

beauty in decay
Image by illryion via Flickr

I am dealing with some serious health issues. I will be having surgery within the next couple of weeks but hope to get back into the swing of blogging normally once I feel more like my regular ‘ol self! Please please be patient and I’ll be home soon!

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Eye Update

non-spotted ladybug on unknown purple flower, ...
Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr

Remember that twitchy eye?

It’s still twitching.

I’m going on day 25 of twitchiness so I broke down and called my ophthalmologist. Her recommendation? “Calm down, take a break, close your eyes and try to relax.” I thought she was funny, until I realized that she was serious.

I have made a connection to life-situations and rate of eye-twitching, though. When I talk about moving (across the country … happening in late April/early May), it freaks out. When I think about the fact that I have a slight toothache, it freaks out. When I dwell on the intense drama that is occurring at work, it freaks out. My eye twitch is clearly stress related. Too bad I thrive on stress. Looks like I’ll just have to get used to the darned thing.

I should name it.

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The World is Fat :: Book giveaway!!

One of the super-cool blogs I read is offering a book I really want to tackle. The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fattening the Human Race written by Barry Popkin looks to be a fantastic read – especially for a future public health educator. If I were to win this book, I’d turn around and give it away again on here so that someone else could enjoy it!

The author follows the expanding waistlines of four families in the United States, Mexico and India to argue that obesity is less a result of gluttony and sloth than a confluence of factors rooted in a fundamental conflict between human biology and modern society, where more calories are consumed than expended, and governments and multinational corporations shape everyday lives (a detailed section traces the growth of modern food and beverage conglomerates).

Kelly of Every Gym’s Nightmare is a personal trainer offering gym tips, reviews, Q&As and much more on her personal blog. She truly is a gym’s nightmare because she offers her fitness training information for free! If you don’t already read her blog, I recommend you check her out – and enter her contests – tell her Sarah sent you!

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