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Gross places for your stuff

I read a really interesting article on today about some bad places we put everyday things. The Worst Places for Your Health – I thought I’d share some of them with you. Mostly you’ll have to go to the article to read why, but I’ve thrown in some of my own comments on some of them!

The worst place for your toothbrush :: on the bathroom sink – (Years ago I had to tell my roommate about the toilet spray thing. She was confused as to why I kept my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, but after I told her about the possible SIX FOOT SPRAY from your toilet, she promptly moved her toothbrush to the cabinet, too!)

The worst place for your sneakers and flip-flops :: in the bedroom closet

The worst place to try to fall asleep :: under piles of blankets – (I can’t fall asleep unless I’m super warm. I have a heated mattress pad and if my feet are cold when I’m trying to sleep, it’ll be hours before I actually get to sleep!)

The worst place to cool leftovers :: in the refrigerator

The worst place for a workout reminder :: stuck on your post-it laden fridge

The worst place to sit on an airplane :: the rear

The worst place to pick up a prescription :: the pharmacy drive-thru – (I was particularly surprised by this one. I’ve never noticed that my pharmacist was distracted as he gave me my prescription through the drive through, but I normally drop them off inside, pick them up through the drive-through and check them in the car before I leave! I ask questions when I drop them off rather than when I pick them up. Maybe that makes a difference?)

The worst place to set your handbag :: the kitchen counter – (This will lead to another post tomorrow about how to prevent this!)

The worst stall to pick in a public restroom :: the one in the middle – (I’ve always heard the one closest to the door is the least germy.)

The worst place to stand during your first few fitness classes :: front and center

The worst place for a nighttime reading light :: overhead

The worst place to keep medicine :: the medicine cabinet – (So we should all start calling our medicine cabinets the toothbrush cabinets I guess.)

The worst place to set fruit before washing it :: the kitchen sink

The worst place to use earbuds or headphones :: on an airplane, train, or subway

The worst place for your coffee :: the refrigerator or freezer

The worst place for your TV :: wherever you dine

Hack your own life

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Thinking about simplifying your life? Check out some of these “hacks” to do just that!

  1. Three-box clean-up: Use three mostly self-explanatory boxes to help you clean: trash, donate and maybe. Use that last “maybe” box to hold on to stuff you aren’t quite sure of yet. Put the box in a storage place for a month and go back to it when you’re ready.
  2. Keep your lists short: I love lists; I am the first to admit that, but the longer my list becomes, the more overwhelmed I get, and the fewer tasks I’m actually able to take care of. Keep your lists as short as four or five things! When you get one thing done, then you can add another, but never keep twelve things on the list!
  3. Learn to say “no”: this is hard, I know. I’m a “yes” girl. But for a week (I challenge you!) say no to every new request. Take some time for yourself and clean up the messes you made the week before. Worry about the new stuff next week. Rinse & repeat.
  4. Stop multi-tasking!: Do one thing at a time. Watch TV. Work on a puzzle. Write a blog entry. Don’t watch TV while you’re chatting with a friend while you’re writing a blog entry while you’re cooking dinner. I did this two Sundays ago and got more work accomplished in that time than any other amount of multi-tasking time!
  5. “One in, two out”: when you bring home something new, get rid of two old things. In no time, your house will be a haven of simplicity!

More soon!

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Things I’ve learned

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$ signI mentioned in a previous entry that I was working at paying off credit card debt; and I got a very happy surprise in the mail on Friday night. Credit card #2 will be paid off with a $16 payment in September. The debt on this card was (from what I can remember) the highest of the four I’m paying off, and seeing that it only has $16 left to pay on it, I am so encouraged. That piece of mail got me thinking about the things I’ve learned from being financially responsible, and the overall theme has been you don’t have to have it all.

1. You can live without cable. There are at least a half-dozen sites on the internet where you can watch television (this does mean, though, that you have to have high-speed internet).

2. You can live without haircuts every six weeks. I haven’t had my hair cut since February. It doesn’t look as great as it could, but that’s okay. I’ve gotten used to having to work to make it look fantastic, but I have saved so much money by just letting it grow out. I could be trimming it myself, but I don’t trust me and scissors on my own hair, so I’ll just wait.

3. You can live without brand new (or brand name) clothes. I have learned the joy of shopping at Goodwill and the excitement of finding two new pair of Gap pants for less than $20.You can find some really good deals if you’re willing to work a bit for them.

4. You can live without so much of a social life. I work 40 hours a week at the bank and then 12 hours a week on other jobs as well as writing this blog and my personal blog, too. I don’t always have time to spend with my friends, and while they get frustrated with that sometimes, they know why I’m doing it. (Church has been my social life, and that works a-okay for me!) My friends have also been amazing in understanding that I can go out to dinner with them if they help me out, and they’re fantastic about that.

5. You can live without what you want and just get by on what you need. Right now, there is a huge list of “want” in my life, and a very short list of “need” and I’m still surviving. My bills are being paid and I’m a happy woman. Think about this a bit … do you really *need* that next purchase or is it on the want list?

6. You can live without being absolutely independent. You can ask for help. I’ve asked my friends, I’ve asked my family, I’ve even reached out to pastors at church and asked for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. You know you can’t handle something on your own and so you turn to someone else.

What can you live without?

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Friday 5 – 8/22/08

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So, how did last week go?

I didn’t manage to go for a walk since I was on crutches, but I did manage to get the rest of my goals taken care of. Did you join in? Did you write your hand-written note? I did, a thank you note to a friend. Did you hide your $1? I did. I’ll find it later, I’m sure. My TV is off as I’m writing this – I normally have the TV on for background noise while I blog! I drank more than my 8 glasses of water each and every day this week, too. I’m darned proud of myself!

This week I issue the following challenges to you!

1. Cook all of your meals. Don’t eat out, don’t go through the drive-thru, and even if you have to, cook some pot pies or box mac n’cheese. By cooking your own meals you’ll save some money as well as probably eat healthier!

2. Spend a half an hour with someone close to you. Laugh with them, cry with them, just sit around and read magazines together. Company is good for our souls, and if you haven’t been seeing your friends or family regularly, you’re missing out!

3. Do these three stretches every day – your neck deserves it!

4. Leave a comment on a blog where you’re normally intimidated to do so. I am normally intimidated to talk to some bloggers, but I am making it a goal to comment on at least ONE blog this week I’m normally shy on. You should, too!

5. Hug your child, your spouse, your best friend, your boss even, for at least 10 seconds. Let them know that you appreciate them and that they are loved. (Well, okay, maybe not your boss … but you get the point.) You’ll feel better, your hugee will feel better and physical contact is good for you!

Let me know how it goes, okay!

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Friday 5 – 8/15/08

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On Fridays, I am going to encourage you to do five different things in the next seven days. Those things may range from small to big, but I’m going to try to challenge my readers. If you’re up for taking the challenge, leave me a comment and I’ll add you to a list on this (and every following Friday’s) post!

By next Friday, I challenge you to do the following five things!

1. Go for a walk. Take ten minutes, take a half-an-hour, take two hours even and go for a walk. Walk slow, walk fast, or walk in-between, but get outside and go for a walk. Take your pet, take your spouse, take your children, but get outside and walk around!

2. Write a hand-written note or letter to someone. We’re so dependent on emails, blogs and IMs to talk to one another; think about the power of a handwritten note. Drop your mom a card, write a co-woker a “way-to-go!” Post-It note, use your pen and some paper and spread the love.

3. Hide $1 in an old purse or wallet, or the cookie jar, or the junk drawer even. This dollar can help you get more food for less money in the future!

4. Turn off the TV for one hour when you would normally watch it. I don’t care what you do, but turn off the TV and do something else, go outside, meet your neighbors, do something else! Leave me a comment on each of my previous posts if you don’t have anything better to do!

5.  Drink 8 glasses of water in one day. It’s not impossible, you can do it! Everyone and everything needs water – do you think you’re getting enough water. Try to get enough one day and then see how you feel!

I’ll be right there with you this week as you strive to try these five new things! Let me know how it goes and remember, change is good!

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