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Three women I’d like you to meet

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I’m active online in a few different health communities, therefore I get to meet a handful of amazing female Health Activists. Today I wanted to introduce you to a few of them that have recently made a strong impact on my life as a women’s Health Activist!

First I’d like to introduce you to Shannan. I met Shannan through the Fit Group at WEGO Health on Ning. Shannan is not only a fantastic motivator when it comes to working out, she keeps an incredibly active blog with her sister-in-law at Living a Whole Life. She has been a great new friend in my life, encouraging me to keep moving even after surgery, and to seek more information on living that whole life she writes about. Shannan did a Spotlight Interview with WEGO Health that every woman should read to learn more about holistic health. You can also follow Shannan on Twitter!

Second, meet Rachel Gurevich a writer for the fertility page and a freelance author for her own website. I found her through WEGO Health, as well, as she did a engaging Spotlight Interview before one of our community advisory boards about fertility. With her favorite vacation spot being a cottage tucked away in Israel, who wouldn’t want to know more about this woman? The thing that really pulled me into Rachel’s Spotlight Interview was the fact that she is continually writing information in a “girlfriend-to-girlfriend voice” so that everyone understands what she’s talking about. I wish that more health experts were willing to take the time to do just this. Thank you, Rachel! Feel like making a new friend? Follow Rachel on Twitter!

The third women I recommend you all check out is Andrea Albright, self proclaimed “author, yoga instructor, meditation guide, healthy weight loss coach and former “chubby girl'”. Like the previous two women, I found Andrea through her Spotlight Interview. I connected with Andrea when she mentioned her favorite food being raspberries (best fruit ever!) and then was drawn in by her “count chemicals, not calories” idea of dieting. I wouldn’t do justice in explaining it, so I’ll send you to her website to read more about how to healthfully lose the weight that refuses to budge! You can also follow Andrea on Twitter if you’re interested in seeing her advice in less than 140 characters! (I know I am!)

After meeting these women, are you curious as to whether you’re a Health Activist or not? WEGO Health offers a fun and quick quiz that will tell you just what kind of Health Activist you are. Head over here to take the Health Activist Survey and see what other amazing people you can meet!

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Motivation to exercise

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Working at WEGO Health has given me the opportunity to meet new people and really see where my health interests lie. It’s also recently given me a kick in the pants to start working out again! Shannan recently created a new Fit Group and I jumped right in. She has been motivating all of the ladies in the group (no guys yet!) to get up and get moving. Her recent post about What motivates you to exercise was incredibly insightful and I wanted to share it with you!

Last week I worked out three times – alternating walking and jogging, and it’s doing me some good already! I’ll share part of my comment here, too, since it’s general fitness stuff about me.

I have been exercising mainly to keep my body loose and limber. Dealing with chronic pain daily my doctors told me that even walking everyday would help me relieve some of the constant pain. I did it religiously over the summertime (sunshine!) but once winter hit, I slipped up and stopped. Now I’m back to three days a week (whee!) and I’ve been sleeping better and not hurting as much, so something is working.

I know, in the near future, my mindset is going to change from doing it to relieve the pain to doing it because I crave it. That’s how I’ve been before and know/hope it’ll be again.

I took your advice from the group and started out slow. I walked and did a little running last week and while I was sore, I don’t feel like I pushed myself too hard. I am going to be trying the Jillian Michael’s Shred DVD this week and know that it’s going to kick my butt, but all my friends are doing it, so I want to, now, too.

I think ya’ll should go check out Shannan’s blog Living a Whole Life and tell her why you’re exercising! I think ya’ll should ALSO join WEGO Health and jump into the Fit group to meet some amazing women who will motivate you to get moving!

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Intimate partner violence and chronic pain

Chemical structure of cortisol.
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I read an interesting article this week showing that there is a predisposition to chronic pain in women who have suffered with intimate partner violence.

Abusive Partners Predispose Chronic Pain by Rick Nauert explains that even two years after separating from an abusive situation, many women still experience “high-disability chronic pain.”

I would have never made a connection in my head like this without someone else prompting it. “The authors noted that chronic stress caused by IPV may inhibit how the body naturally adapts to stress and causes imbalances in cortisol levels.” That makes sense. Cortisol levels are the cause for most inflammation in a person’s body – and when things are inflamed, they aren’t healthy.

I’d love to know more about this connection, and I’d also love to know if there is a personal story out there willing to be shared. If so, please email me. No information would be shared here without permission, but I would really like to talk with someone who is willing.

Living with an invisible illness is not easy, help me educate those seeking information!

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Sweepstakes Abound

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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The Power of Walking

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Right after napping, my favorite exercise would have to be walking. It’s easy, it’s free, you don’t need any special equipment to do it, and almost everyone can walk.

Stand up, put on some tennis shoes (please, your feet are good things!) and some comfortable clothes, put one foot in front of the other, and then repeat, 10,000 times a day.

Walking for Fitness shares ideas on getting started with a walking routine, teaches you that technique does count and speed does matter. You can walk for weight loss and you can even learn to use a pedometer (it’s easy, I promise)!

Even the CDC has a healthy weight loss plan that involves starting a walking plan.  I was particularly encouraged by this website as the pictures they use of those beginning the program aren’t of Olympic walkers, they’re of REAL people!

EZine has an article (written by Connie Limon) about beginning a walking routine. I really enjoyed reading this  article because it was written for beginners – I absolutely recommend this link!

If you’re in a place where walking outside isn’t the safest, what about starting a Treadmill Walking program? I have access to a gym and plan on using this when a) the weather gets bad and b) when my foot allows me to be really active again.

*this is really the power generated by walking. I suck at math (but am pretty good with naps, words, coffee and Laffy Taffy) but think it looks cool!

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