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New Year’s Resolutions, VII

Halsey, Oregon
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51. Swim in the ocean – I hear that’s nicer in South Carolina than in Oregon. Otherwise I’m going to freeze my ovaries off.

52. Learn to cook a fabulous new staple meal – I cook some mean soups and enchiladas, and some chicken dishes, but want something new to add to my list!

53. Get a massage – Everyone should get at least one massage a year.

54. Give a massage – I want to be able to make someone else feel good with my hands … and not in *that* way.

55. Finish a cross-stitch – I have about 25 mostly-started ones, I should finish one … or seven.

56. Wear my hair really big in public – don’t ask.

57. Ride in a cab – I enjoy riding in cabs (love not driving) and so this makes me a happy girl.

58. Wear a non-traditional colored shoe (purple or green or something!) – I have been lusting after a pair of peacock blue satin peep toe pumps and think they’d be fabulous to own. Too bad they’re $300+!

59. Find a job I like while going to graduate school – at a bank or a non-profit most likely. Maybe something using my degrees, or what I’m earning with this next degree.

60. Organize my CD collection – they’re not in alphabetical order and they’re annoying me. I can’t find ANYTHING when I’m looking for it!

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New Year’s Resolutions, IV

The Coolest Business Cards Ever
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21. Look into buying a photography domain – I do a lot of photography and used to own my own domain, but never really utilized it. I need to do this if I ever want to do anything with my photography!

22. Make photography business card – people need something to hold on to when they’re thinking about your photography, rigth?

23. Use said photography business cards – it’s rude to ask for the cards back after I hand them out. Use them.

24. Participate in NoBloPoMo – one post a day for a month, I’ve done it before.

25. Succeed in NoBloPoMo – I can do it again!

26. Watch Mama Mia – I’m a fan of musicals so I think this one will be easy! It could happen in just a few weeks, too!

27. Get a pair of skinny jeans – I think I could pull off this fad. I have yet to be brave enough to try on a pair, though, so we’ll see what happens after I do that.

28. See a Broadway (or off Broadway, heck) show – fan of musicals, need to see one!

29. Keep track of every book I read – already started this on my personal blog.

30. Write at least one sentence to “review” each book I read – reviewed The Elegant Gathering of White Snows already on my personal blog. If you’re interested in that link, drop me a line!

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