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Training Plans

Next Tuesday marks six weeks post surgery, and I can finally say that I’m almost healed.
Sneezing still hurts.
Coughing too hard still hurts.
Laughing hysterically (last time it was about farts) still hurts.
But generally, I’m doing really well.

Next week I plan to start training for the Portland half-Marathon. I have until October to re-train my body to running 13.1 miles. I hope to do it under two hours, but I doubt that’ll happen. It’s a goal people, a goal.

I know that I am going to have to start SLOW otherwise I’ll hurt myself badly. I am going to be using Cool Running’s The Couch-to-5K plan. There is also a podcast on iTunes that uses music to help you train. I’m downloading it to be sure I can keep my feet moving at the “right” speed.

I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated as I train, but I just wanted to warn you that I may start whining about my running habits here soon!

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Getting into smacking sports

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It’s weeks like these that make me wish I could connect a bat to a baseball. I have had one of them most stressful weeks of my life, and really, all I want to do is beat something. I want to scream, punch the wall, beat pillows and pound on my steering wheel, but I don’t. It’s times like these I wish I had more training in a batting cage – somewhere I could connect a big huge hard stick with a little unsuspecting ball to beat it into no where.

I am looking forward to what April is going to bring for me and for Women’s Health, but for the next couple of days, I am going to lay low and do some deep breathing. Lots and lots of deep breathing. And maybe I’ll take up baseball. Or knife throwing. Or just random sitting on the floor of the bathtub and sobbing. I can handle any and all of the above (but in my opinion, the baseball thing (or even the knife throwing thing) sounds like a bit of fun).

Maybe it’s time for another lesson on the driving range.

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October bring pumpkin spice lattes, orange leaves, college football and frozen fingers. I am pretty warm blooded, and as soon as fall rolls around, I start shivering. My toes are regularly frozen, my fingers are like small flesh-covered icicles. I have been known to sit on my hands when I’m not using them. I’ll turn on the heating pad just to sit on it. I’ll throw my heated neck wrap into the microwave just to raise my temperature. I drink about twice as much coffee, hot chocolate and tea as I do in the spring or summer.

I did a random search to see “why am I always so cold?” and found an interesting thread on a LowCarber forum that gives me some more ideas on why, and how to solve my problem. Check it out if you’re beginning to think snuggling with the oven sounds like a good idea!

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Pedometer Adventures

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About 6 weeks ago, on my work’s intranet homepage, there was a contest announcement. Create a team of four, be one of the first 20 teams to register, pay $5 each to join ($20/team), wear a pedometer 24/7 for six weeks and keep track of our weekly steps. The winning team earned 80% of the entry fees (which came out to be about $80 per team member. I was excited and told my branch about it. They were interested and elected me team captain (whoo hoo!). We sent our registration fees in as soon as we could and soon received a surprising confirmation email. We then learned that work was going to let 123 teams (103 more than they originally stated) join the competition. This bumped the winnings from $80 to $492. This made our team even more excited.

The competition began and my team was fantastic about tracking their steps and adding a few here and there. When we turned in our steps for the first time, we thought we ruled the roost with 300,000+ steps. We soon learned that another team had slammed us with 800,000+ steps. Instead of getting down on ourselves, we picked things up. During week 2 we were able to BEAT the #1 team and take first place. We won a pair of fancy walking socks. Unfortunately, our team came in 3rd place, which put us just out of earning a monetary prize but we earned certificates and other small goodies, and a sense of health along with it all.

The goal has also turned me into “Incredibly Active Girl”! During week 2, when I realized that I couldn’t disappoint my team (as the captain and all) so I I stepped it up … literally. I made it a rule that before I turned on the laptop, I had to spend some time adding steps to my pedometer. I began walking between 45 and 60 minutes every day that week and I watched the pedometer numbers soar. By the end of week 2, I was bored with walking so I added a little jogging in. I noticed that my jogging wasn’t earning as many steps (my strides are longer) and so I decided to try some interval training.

As of week 6, my body has already changed, along with my mindset about physical activity. I have lost almost 10 pounds, my pants are fitting better, my quads are tighter and my calves are rockin’. I’ve noticed my stomach is getting flatter and my arm muscles are starting to show again. The best thing though? The reappearance of my single chin!

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