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Three women I’d like you to meet

Racing Women
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I’m active online in a few different health communities, therefore I get to meet a handful of amazing female Health Activists. Today I wanted to introduce you to a few of them that have recently made a strong impact on my life as a women’s Health Activist!

First I’d like to introduce you to Shannan. I met Shannan through the Fit Group at WEGO Health on Ning. Shannan is not only a fantastic motivator when it comes to working out, she keeps an incredibly active blog with her sister-in-law at Living a Whole Life. She has been a great new friend in my life, encouraging me to keep moving even after surgery, and to seek more information on living that whole life she writes about. Shannan did a Spotlight Interview with WEGO Health that every woman should read to learn more about holistic health. You can also follow Shannan on Twitter!

Second, meet Rachel Gurevich a writer for the fertility page and a freelance author for her own website. I found her through WEGO Health, as well, as she did a engaging Spotlight Interview before one of our community advisory boards about fertility. With her favorite vacation spot being a cottage tucked away in Israel, who wouldn’t want to know more about this woman? The thing that really pulled me into Rachel’s Spotlight Interview was the fact that she is continually writing information in a “girlfriend-to-girlfriend voice” so that everyone understands what she’s talking about. I wish that more health experts were willing to take the time to do just this. Thank you, Rachel! Feel like making a new friend? Follow Rachel on Twitter!

The third women I recommend you all check out is Andrea Albright, self proclaimed “author, yoga instructor, meditation guide, healthy weight loss coach and former “chubby girl'”. Like the previous two women, I found Andrea through her Spotlight Interview. I connected with Andrea when she mentioned her favorite food being raspberries (best fruit ever!) and then was drawn in by her “count chemicals, not calories” idea of dieting. I wouldn’t do justice in explaining it, so I’ll send you to her website to read more about how to healthfully lose the weight that refuses to budge! You can also follow Andrea on Twitter if you’re interested in seeing her advice in less than 140 characters! (I know I am!)

After meeting these women, are you curious as to whether you’re a Health Activist or not? WEGO Health offers a fun and quick quiz that will tell you just what kind of Health Activist you are. Head over here to take the Health Activist Survey and see what other amazing people you can meet!

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Gross places for your stuff

I read a really interesting article on today about some bad places we put everyday things. The Worst Places for Your Health – I thought I’d share some of them with you. Mostly you’ll have to go to the article to read why, but I’ve thrown in some of my own comments on some of them!

The worst place for your toothbrush :: on the bathroom sink – (Years ago I had to tell my roommate about the toilet spray thing. She was confused as to why I kept my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, but after I told her about the possible SIX FOOT SPRAY from your toilet, she promptly moved her toothbrush to the cabinet, too!)

The worst place for your sneakers and flip-flops :: in the bedroom closet

The worst place to try to fall asleep :: under piles of blankets – (I can’t fall asleep unless I’m super warm. I have a heated mattress pad and if my feet are cold when I’m trying to sleep, it’ll be hours before I actually get to sleep!)

The worst place to cool leftovers :: in the refrigerator

The worst place for a workout reminder :: stuck on your post-it laden fridge

The worst place to sit on an airplane :: the rear

The worst place to pick up a prescription :: the pharmacy drive-thru – (I was particularly surprised by this one. I’ve never noticed that my pharmacist was distracted as he gave me my prescription through the drive through, but I normally drop them off inside, pick them up through the drive-through and check them in the car before I leave! I ask questions when I drop them off rather than when I pick them up. Maybe that makes a difference?)

The worst place to set your handbag :: the kitchen counter – (This will lead to another post tomorrow about how to prevent this!)

The worst stall to pick in a public restroom :: the one in the middle – (I’ve always heard the one closest to the door is the least germy.)

The worst place to stand during your first few fitness classes :: front and center

The worst place for a nighttime reading light :: overhead

The worst place to keep medicine :: the medicine cabinet – (So we should all start calling our medicine cabinets the toothbrush cabinets I guess.)

The worst place to set fruit before washing it :: the kitchen sink

The worst place to use earbuds or headphones :: on an airplane, train, or subway

The worst place for your coffee :: the refrigerator or freezer

The worst place for your TV :: wherever you dine

Free fitness socks from lucy!

One of my favorite stores for fitness clothes is lucy. “We all know that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you go the extra mile. So at lucy, our passion is to design fashion forward performance apparel that inspires athletic women like you.”

Not only does the fitness gear at lucy fit fantastically, support well, and cover a wide range of activities, it looks good on you, too! lucy designers don’t only work to create gear that serves a logical purpose, they design clothes with feminine details, colors and styles which make you love putting on your workout gear.

Right now, lucy is offering a free two-pack of performance socks with this printable coupon. All you have to do is carry it into the store, pick out your socks and wander to the register. I dare you not to find something else that you adore while you’re there, though.

Good luck keeping your hands off the lucy everyday pant – I have one pair that I will wear until they literally fall off my behind. My favorite pair of running shorts is the lucy front runner short. I have never had to pick my wedgie as I run in these, and I’ve been whistled at on more than one occasion. (And it has to be because of the shorts!) My next lucy purchase is going to be one of their long-sleeved zip up tops. The shirring on the ideal resort jacket draws me in each time I see it, and I think I’ve tried it on at least a half-dozen times while in the store.

One thing that lucy is well known for, that many women don’t realize, is their fantastic selection of sports bras. The Enell sports bra that lucy offers has been rated one of the best sports bras for women with large breasts by Sports Illustrated Women. With sizes ranging from 32C to 50DDD, the Enell bra is “the ultimate sports bra for well endowed women – you won’t move an inch.” Runner’s World “guarantee[s] that your breasts won’t bounce in this bra. It fits so snugly that many women assume they need a larger size. The extra-wide straps and back cover more area and offer more support.”

To find a lucy store near you, check their location finder and remember to bring your free sock coupon!!

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Keeping your purse clean

Just yesterday I talked about the fact that women put their purses in some pretty gross spots. Don’t say you’re not guilty! How many times have you set your purse on the kitchen counter? The floor of a restaurant? The toilet paper holder in a bathroom stall? The public restroom floor even?

There is a solution to keeping the bottoms of your purse cleaner, though. They’re generally referred to as purse hooks, purse keepers or purse hangers. While I don’t own any myself, I really want one now that I’ve found a whole bunch of them online! (If you want me to review your purse hanger, please let me know and we’ll get something going!)

Purse Jewelery,
CW Design,
Purse Hooks,
Hot Hang Ups,
Silver Hooks,
The Purse Hook,
Zook Hooks and
Etsy ArtSizzles – purse hooks

After seeing all these cool ones, now I really want one! LOL

YPFW :: Fierce Pose

Utkatasana Fierce Pose (also known as the Power or the Chair Pose) :: (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna)
utkata = powerful, fierce

Benefits: strengthens the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine, stretches shoulders and chest, stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, and heart and reduces flat feet by lifting through the arches

How to:
Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Inhale and raise arms perpendicular to floor. Either keep arms parallel, palms facing inward, or join palms.

Exhale and bend knees, trying to take thighs as nearly parallel to floor as possible, grounding through heels. Knees will project out over feet, and torso will lean slightly forward over thighs until front torso forms approximately a right angle with tops of thighs. Keep inner thighs parallel to each other and press heads of the thigh bones down toward heels.

Firm shoulder blades against back. Take tailbone down toward floor and in toward pubis to keep lower back long.

Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. To come out of pose straighten knees with an inhalation, lifting strongly through arms. Exhale and release arms to sides into Mountain Pose again.

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YPFW :: Warrior III Pose

Warrior III Pose :: (veer-ah-bah-DRAHS-anna)
Virabhadra = the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Shiva, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet; wielding a thousand clubs; and wearing a tiger’s skin.

Type of Pose :: standing and balancing
Benefits: Strengthens legs and abdomen, can improve balance

How to do Warrior III :: From Warrior I, bring hands onto hips. Bring weight forward into front foot as you gently kick up back leg. At same time, bring torso forward until it is parallel to floor.

Keep neck relaxed, as natural extension of spine. Keep both hips pointing toward floor as you bring the back leg in line with body. Flex raised foot and keep muscles of raised leg actively engaged. Bring arms back along sides. Repeat on other side.

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Ten lies that are okay to tell

Actor Ashton Kutcher ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Women’s Health recently shared an article with ten lies that are okay to tell. They made me smile so I had to share them with you!

1. “Most people can’t pull off short hair, but you totally can,” to a friend who butchered her locks.
2. “You look just like Ashton Kutcher,” to the maître d’, when you want to be seated right away.
3. “My dog likes you, and he hates everyone!” to your landlord, whose leg is being humped by Pookie.
4. “No, we’ve never slept together,” to your father, about your fiancé.
5. “It just crashed. I have no idea what happened,” to tech support, when you had five applications open while downloading videos from YouTube.
6. “Of course I remembered our anniversary!” to your husband, though you now have to cancel an eyebrow wax and martini night with the girls.
7. “Yeah, I didn’t get a raise either,” to a coworker, who’s bumming about “budget cuts.” She doesn’t need to know about your 15 percent boost.
8. “Oh! Oh! Oooh! Yes! Yes! Yes!” to your guy, when he’s thundering on and all you want is a little shut-eye.
9. “I love this!” to Aunt Maude, about the Indonesian desk chimes she calls a birthday gift. Wait 2 weeks, then make use of eBay the way PayPal intended.
10. “Your legs will be cut like Beyonce’s,” to yourself on the treadmill, when you’d rather be bathing in Häagen-Daz.

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Port de Bras

Need help with your posture? Try doing some Port de Bras – an often utilized dance move to stretch and lengthen your spine!

Stand with your heels touching and your toes turned out.
Brace your abs.
Keeping your shoulders down, raise both arms overhead.
Bend forward, reaching your hands toward your toes while keeping your back flat.
Go only as far as you can without losing your form.
Brace your abs again, stand up, and, with arms still raised, arch backward slightly.
Repeat up to 8 times.

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Glass Straw Giveaway at Living A Whole Life

old house on old road
Image by `michelleBlack via Flickr

The ladies over at Living a Whole Life are giving away a set of glass straws to help keep you hydrated and save the landfills! They are also guaranteed, but are essentially unbreakable “they are made of borosilicate glass tubing which is the strongest commercially available glass. This is the same glass that Pyrex is made from. The straws are also annealed which means they are slowly cooled to make them tougher, less brittle, and dishwasher safe.”

Pieces of art that have purpose could be yours if you let them know what kind of whole living topics you’d like to see them cover in more depth. My vote? Fasting. Medical or non-medical, the idea of fasts fascinates me and I’d love to read more research on them.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own glass straws, head over to Daedra’s Etsy page and snag some!

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Five minutes at a time

Every Single Freakin Day
Image by Migraine Chick via Flickr

In July of 2006, my world was turned upside down with five words: “I’m thinking about leaving you.” He didn’t just think about it, the next day he solidified it and left me. He then promptly left on vacation with a friend of his, a vacation that I was supposed to go on.

I had been married for three years at that point. I had been with this guy for eight years. He was more than my husband, he was my best friend and suddenly he was gone. I didn’t know how I was going to breathe, let alone move on with my life. I had no choice, though.

For weeks I was the woman sitting at her desk silently crying. I would stare at the clock wondering when the day would be over just so that I could get into bed. Then I had a friend tell me to “take life five minutes at a time.” I took her suggestion literally at first, telling myself all day long things like “get through these next sixty seconds” and “you only have to live for the next one minute.” I would watch the clock and when I noticed that my single minutes were up, I’d remind myself; “only one minute more.” Eventually it would be the end of the work day and I’d go home to do the very same coping mechanism.

Pretty soon, I moved from making it through the next 60 seconds to making it through the next five minutes. Months later it turned into making it through the next hour. A year after he left I was working through making it through the day. Two and a half years later I can proudly say that I have made it through 82 million seconds, 1.4 million minues, 22K hours and over 134 weeks. I no longer count the minutes (unless work is driving me crazy) and I rarely think about more than “make it through today, that’s all you have to do!” but I know that the next time I need to, I will count to sixty, start over, and then continue for the next three weeks.

How do you cope? Are you a time watcher or do you hide from it? I’d love to hear about alternative coping mechanisms as I know I’ll face more emotional situations in the future.

Thank you to Ellen for the inspiration for this post. Ellen wrote a great piece about Migraine strategies for living where she encourages her readers to break their lives into 15-minute sections to get through their days.

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