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Death Threats

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I recently stumbled upon a great list of the top ten health-related killers of women. I’m going to spend some time deconstructing and expanding on the list!

1. Heart disease
2. Cancers
3. Strokes
4. COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
5. Alzheimer’s disease
6. Injuries
7. Type 2 diabetes
8. Flu
9. Kidney disease
10. Blood poisoning (septicemia or sepsis)

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Useful health websites, III

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My favorite site that I’ve stumbled upon since this new project at work has been Patients Like Me. This website has blown me away.

I can’t even go into everything that Patients Like Me offers because it’s so in depth! Create a profile to reach out and make new friends with your same condition. Even if you’ve not been officially diagnosed, you have an option of joining the groups of patients who are living with the same issues you are. Make lists of your symptoms, your treatment options, your lab test levels and even your weight. Update daily, weekly, or even monthly to begin seeing trends in your health.

One of my favorite parts of Patients Like Me is their “research” tab. Look at the available tools, the current studies, and even opportunities to jump into being a lab rat for your condition! Gab with other people on the forums and make connections you didn’t have beforehand.

I liken Patients Like Me to a MySpace for those living with chronic illnesses. It’s such a great way to reach out to others and make new friends who understand what you’re living with!

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