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Guidelines for Good Listening

Once again Carrie has pointed me in the direction of a FANTASTIC link that I had to share with you!

Guidelines to good listening from PsychCentral holds some REALLY great tips on how to be a good listener. Even if you already consider yourself a good listener, it has three really good tips on how to improve your already mastered skills!

Check it out, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out ED Bites and say hi to Carrie for me!

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Where a single gal gives dating “advice” to dudes

According to a Cosmo web poll, 72 percent of guys have pulled the “slow fade” to avoid breaking up with a girl.

Excuse me? What kind of dude can’t look his girlfriend in the face and say “this isn’t working?” Really. How hard is it? Whether you “pull a slow fade” from her life or just break up with her like a man, it’s going to hurt. DUH.

Think about breakups like band-aids – the faster a band-aid is pulled off, the less length of time it hurts, right? Breakups are kinda like that. Draw them out and they just hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt.

Buck up guys. (To the other 18% of you, good for you. Thanks for not being bungholio-esque!)

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