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Where a single gal gives dating “advice” to dudes

According to a Cosmo web poll, 72 percent of guys have pulled the “slow fade” to avoid breaking up with a girl.

Excuse me? What kind of dude can’t look his girlfriend in the face and say “this isn’t working?” Really. How hard is it? Whether you “pull a slow fade” from her life or just break up with her like a man, it’s going to hurt. DUH.

Think about breakups like band-aids – the faster a band-aid is pulled off, the less length of time it hurts, right? Breakups are kinda like that. Draw them out and they just hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt.

Buck up guys. (To the other 18% of you, good for you. Thanks for not being bungholio-esque!)

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YPFW :: Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog :: (AH-doh MOO-kah shvah-NAHS-anna)
adho = downward
mukha = face
svana = dog

Type of Pose :: standing, mild inversion and resting
Benefits :: stretches and strengthens your entire body

How do to do Downward Facing Dog :: Come to hands and knees with the wrists underneath shoulders and the knees underneath hips. Curl toes under and push back raising hips and straightening legs. Spread the fingers and ground down from the forearms into the fingertips.

Outwardly rotate the upper arms broadening collarbones. Let head hang, move shoulder blades away from the ears towards hips. Engage quadriceps strongly to take weight off the arms, making this a resting pose.

Rotate thighs inward, keep tail high and sink heels to floor. Check that the distance between hands and feet is correct by coming forward to a plank position. The distance between hands and feet should be the same in these two poses. Do not step feet toward the hands in position in order to get heels to floor. This will happen eventually as muscles lengthen.

Beginners: Try bending knees, coming up onto balls of feet, bringing belly to rest on thighs and sit bones up high. Then sink heels, straightening legs keeping high upward rotation of sit bones. Also try bending arms slightly out to the side, drawing chest towards thighs. Then re-straighten the arms.

Advanced: If very flexible, try not to let rib cage sink towards floor creating a sinking spine. Draw ribs in to maintain a flat back.

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It’s the little things

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Last night a friend, we’ll call her Georgia, and I were talking about how great pen & paper journaling is for our hearts. While we have absolutely different journaling styles (she likes large, unruled, sketchbooks and I like compact college-ruled spiral-bound notebooks) we both like to use our journals to write to GOD. In the past four months I have filled over 200 pages of journal with words from my heart that stay between the LORD and I.

Georgia has been struggling with a lot of familial drama lately and since we live almost 2,000 miles away from one another I can’t just drive over with a hug and a few frozen dinners. Last night while talking she mentioned that she was having “tons of impossible thoughts” and I encouraged her to start journaling those thoughts to get them out in a safe place. Unfortunately my dear Georgia is without journal and can’t splurge on the ones she really liked.

I live paycheck to paycheck, but recently after switching a prescription from Target to Rite-Aid, I received a $30 giftcard. I spent a few dollars on some foundation a week ago and couldn’t decide what to spend more of the money on. Today I used some of that gift card to get one of my dearest friends a bit of therapy.

Georgia, if you’re reading this, expect mail soon. I have it all ready to go. I know you told me not to send you anything, but I’m not listening. I love you too much. On another random note, I’ll only be 1,000 miles away once I move! ROAD TRIP halfway between us? Memphis will never know what hit ’em!

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