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New Year’s Resolutions, IV

The Coolest Business Cards Ever
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21. Look into buying a photography domain – I do a lot of photography and used to own my own domain, but never really utilized it. I need to do this if I ever want to do anything with my photography!

22. Make photography business card – people need something to hold on to when they’re thinking about your photography, rigth?

23. Use said photography business cards – it’s rude to ask for the cards back after I hand them out. Use them.

24. Participate in NoBloPoMo – one post a day for a month, I’ve done it before.

25. Succeed in NoBloPoMo – I can do it again!

26. Watch Mama Mia – I’m a fan of musicals so I think this one will be easy! It could happen in just a few weeks, too!

27. Get a pair of skinny jeans – I think I could pull off this fad. I have yet to be brave enough to try on a pair, though, so we’ll see what happens after I do that.

28. See a Broadway (or off Broadway, heck) show – fan of musicals, need to see one!

29. Keep track of every book I read – already started this on my personal blog.

30. Write at least one sentence to “review” each book I read – reviewed The Elegant Gathering of White Snows already on my personal blog. If you’re interested in that link, drop me a line!

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New Year’s Resolutions, II

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Let us begin the adventure that is working out my 109 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Vacuum once a week – although my vacuum is dying, it still works for the most part. I need to be sure to keep my carpet cleaner so I don’t get grossed out when I sit on the floor. Plus the carpet is that boring apartment cream, so I just need to.

2. Learn to tie a tie – I think this is a goal every woman should have. I want to be the wife that can stand behind her husband and tie his tie for him randomly.

3. Sell off most of my possessions – because of #4, I don’t want to have a lot of stuff at my parent’s house in storage. Plus, the finances I could get from a few of the big things would help me move!

4. Move across the country – for graduate school.

5. Move as few things as possible with me – I guess this one is #3 and #4 mashed together. Hey, it added to the list, what can I say?

6. Earn A’s in graduate school – I am a perfectionist, and while I know this is a lofty goal, I really really hope that I am able to do this; even if just TWO whole A’s. 🙂

7. Go on a date – I put myself out there just recently and have been hurt already, so I’m already nervous about keeping this goal, but since I’m moving and starting all over again, I think it could be possible.

8. Get a new DSLR – I sold mine in September to make sure I had finances for bills. I miss it terribly and can’t do as many portrait sessions without it. Plus, my friend’s husband is probably sick and tired of me borrowing his!

9. Take more pictures than last year – I can do this with my little camera. I love photography so this will be an easy goal!

10. Walk a marathon – since I’m not supposed to be running anymore, and I really would like to run a marathon, I had to change this from last year to walking for this year. I just think it’d be cool!

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