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I’m not dead …

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… but my laptop was for a few days. I ended up having to reinstall my operating system so everything is essentially gone from the computer. I’ll get it back on and get back to really writing some quality women’s health stuff soon! I promise!

If there’s anything you want to read about, please do let me know! I’ll probably delve into a holiday theme because of the month, but we’ll see what comes out!

Stick with me, it’ll be worth it!

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mental health week
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Hi! You’ve reached Women’s Health, but currently I’m away from my desk

Right now I am:

  • working 40 hours a week at one job,
  • being trained for new duties at that job,
  • working 10 hours a week at another job,
  • handling a huge and somewhat mentally overwhelming project at that job,
  • trying to write enough to keep me sane,
  • going to church four or five days a week,
  • attempting to have a life outside of that stuff,
  • mentally preparing myself for a family reunion/my grams’ memorial service this weekend and
  • breathing deeply.

I may be missing in action for a couple of days while I try to screw my head back onto my neck (it ran away about 37 minutes ago. While I am gone, I suggest you check out the following sites which I adore:

I will return as soon as I can find that head (SHOOT! Did someone leave the front door open?) and I will be back to spamming your reader with women’s health news!

Until then, tell me what you do to keep your stress level down!


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Women’s Health in the News V

African American women’s health as new focus – “The Suffolk University Sociology Department announced Nyjah Wyche to be the first recipient of its annual full-tuition scholarship for Graduate Studies in Women’s Health.” Read about the very first winner of this scholarship!

Migraines effect women more often then men, but unfortunately aren’t treated as often as they should. Alternative migraine therapies have been integral in my own treatment plan, and I absolutely recommend you read this article and then call a local acupuncturist – and if you can’t find one, let me know and I’ll find one for you!

Sure high heels make your legs look longer, leaner and more feminine, but they aren’t so good for your health.  However, bunions, hammertoes and possible “irreversible damage to leg tendons” might not be worth looking “hot” while at work. I am guilty of wearing heels to work three out of my five days, but after reading High heels harmful for women’s health, I might invest in some flashy flats instead.

While keeping my eyes peeled for women’s health news this week I stumbled across Anna in Honduras – a Peace Corps volunteer in Hondurs (duh) that also has a blog. She writes about things from Midwifery workshops to her new pink amartment. Engaging, open and honest, this blog inspires me in my international health goals.

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Women’s health blogs I love

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Instead of five challenges (does anyone actually do the challenges but me?) I am sharing five blogs I think you should check out this week! Let me know what you think!

  1. Breaking the Mirror –  For any woman who has lived with an eating disorder, or knows someone else who has, this blog is a great resource with personal stories that make it readable. Angelique‘s recent entry on running five miles hit home for me. I love the personal touches that Angelique includes in her blog and absolutely recommend you check out this place!
  2. – this website is all-inclusive with regards to health and fitness. Everything from celebrity fitness to polls to tech information, this site is fun, informative and pretty to look at, too!
  3. Mental Health Notes – Alicia is such a positive advocate for mental health awareness that she makes me feel weak in my own efforts. With giveaways, links, personal stories and lots of encouragement, Alicia is a one-woman therapy group who always welcomes new readers!
  4. Women’s Health & Fitness Guide – when I first found this website, I was overwhelmed with all of the information. There is a lot of writing on this site, but it is easy to read, informative and educational. Writing for Weight Loss Success has been a very impactful entry for my life since I haven’t been able to run like I would like to!
  5. Women’s Health News – exactly what the blog title reads. Need a source for women’s health news? This blog is for you.
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Women’s Health in the News IV

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Pirate Alice *

I feel like it’s been a slow news week for me, but here is what I feel compelled to share!

I told you it was slow this week! Enjoy the few links and let me know what you want to see more of!*Pirate Alice, your name rocks. Thank you for making me smile!

*Pirate Alice – I love your name. Thank you for making me smile with that!

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