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Nasal allergies

1. How appropriate that I choose a picture of a pollinated flower for this post.
2. I have seasonal nasal allergies.
3. They have set in.

I could go into some deep history about my nasal allergy issues, but my first clearest nasal allergy related memory is in fifth grade. Mrs. Simshauser’s classroom was on the edge of the track/football field and it was a warm spring day in Southern Oregon. We had the windows open, and someone began to mow the field. My sneezing started soon thereafter. After about sneeze number seven, I started keeping a penciled tally on my desk. At sneeze 52 (yes, fifty two sneezes!) my teacher sent me out of the room to the office. I got sent home because of my allergies.

For years I was treated with Benedryl – I grew up in a house without health insurance – going to the doctor becuase my eyes were itchy and my nose was runny was unnecessary. By high school I had developed a resistance to Benedry so I had moved on to Tylenol Allergy stuff. It worked as well as it could, but between April and June, I was known to have an entire box of Kleenex stuffed in my backpack along with my books and pens.

Since then I have lived in Linn County, Oregon – the grass seed capital of the world and wandered my apartment with Kleenex stuffed up my nose to prevent it from dripping all over. I have tried prescription and over-the-counter medications for my allergies, but nothing really touches them. Until last year.

Last spring I was able to create my own concoction of prescription and OTC medications (with approval of my doctor, no worries there!) to stave off my seasonal nasal allergies for the most part. With a few nightly squirts of Nasocort and a pill of generic Zyrtec, I was able to go through the day without sneezing on clients or having to wander my bank branch with Kleenex shoved up my nostrils.

While this may not be the “easiest” way to treat nasal allergies (there are tons of methods out there, some of which I will address later this week), it works for me. As my allergies have started affecting my daily life again (I’m wandering my apartment with a pink and brown box of Kleenex) I’m heading to the store to stock up on some nose spray and some generic Zycam to make this nose stop running!

What do you commonly use to treat your seasonal nasal allergies?

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New Year’s Resolutions, XII

Child enjoys a puddle in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
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101. Dance in the rain – easy to do in Oregon. So much fun and it takes some definite carefreeness to do it. Let’s hope!

102. Jump in a puddle – same as above, really.

103. Reform my DVD collection – once I move I’d like to grow my collection back up to what it used to be. Right now I own 10 DVDs. (De-Lovely, Dirty Dancing (in German & English), Finding Nemo, Moulin Rouge, Premonition, Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Thirteen Going on Thirty & Walk the Line)

104. Buy a gift for a stranger – how could would it be to GET a gift from a stranger? Why not give it and totally surprise someone?

105. Be fitted for a bra – I’m in my late 20’s and never had this done. LOL

106. Take one hot bath a week – instead of multiple. Save on water, save my skin, and electricity, too!

107. Memorize the lyrics to a song not in my regular genre – something hip hoppy perhaps. That’s one of the only genres I don’t regularly listen to!

108. Do some more health networking – spread my wings within WEGO as well as the new online communities I’ve joined.

109. Make a list of 110 resolutions for next year – I should start my list now. LOL

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New Year’s Resolutions, VII

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51. Swim in the ocean – I hear that’s nicer in South Carolina than in Oregon. Otherwise I’m going to freeze my ovaries off.

52. Learn to cook a fabulous new staple meal – I cook some mean soups and enchiladas, and some chicken dishes, but want something new to add to my list!

53. Get a massage – Everyone should get at least one massage a year.

54. Give a massage – I want to be able to make someone else feel good with my hands … and not in *that* way.

55. Finish a cross-stitch – I have about 25 mostly-started ones, I should finish one … or seven.

56. Wear my hair really big in public – don’t ask.

57. Ride in a cab – I enjoy riding in cabs (love not driving) and so this makes me a happy girl.

58. Wear a non-traditional colored shoe (purple or green or something!) – I have been lusting after a pair of peacock blue satin peep toe pumps and think they’d be fabulous to own. Too bad they’re $300+!

59. Find a job I like while going to graduate school – at a bank or a non-profit most likely. Maybe something using my degrees, or what I’m earning with this next degree.

60. Organize my CD collection – they’re not in alphabetical order and they’re annoying me. I can’t find ANYTHING when I’m looking for it!

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Fitness in the Fall

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In Oregon, the weather is starting to cool off. This scares me for a couple of reasons, seasonal depression and the imminent promise of wet days. Those wet days prevent me from running or walking in comfort outside, and my waistline normally pays a little bit for that. This year, however, I have access to a very small free gym and I plan on utilizing that. If you don’t have access to a free gym like I do, I do have three indoor workout suggestions for you, though.

  1. Use the gym membership you already have! Some people pay for a year’s worth of gym membership up front and let it get stale. Others pay monthly and never go. Well it’s time to dust off your shoes and go to the gym!
  2. Buy a couple of workout DVDs and move the coffee table. If you can’t buy a couple, borrow them from your library. If you’re a NetFlix member, they have heaps of exercise DVDs you can hold on to as long as you need to. On a personal note, everything from The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max to Jillian Michaels for Beginners Frontside and Backside are in my queue. (I’ll write my fabulous reviews once I use them.) Even YouTube has videos you can use to work out with!
  3. Free weights in your living room during commercial breaks (or even during the TV show!) will tone up your mucles and are easy to utilize.

The key really is to make the stuck-inside workouts as fun and as interesting as possible. If you’re not bored, you’ll keep doing it, and your pants will keep getting smaller!

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