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6 Things People Are Talking About Right Now

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1. “Showmances” – Michael Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (siblings on Dexter), Blake Lively & Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) and Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin (True Blood)

2. “High/Low fashion” – designers are finally realizing that people like you and I can’t afford a $400 pair of pants, so they find a way to make them cheaper and sell them at target. One particular “star” being talked about includes the First Lady, Michelle Obama. She has fantastic taste in clothes and has taught us to mix our pricey stuff with the cheap and make it look fabulous!

3. “Guys in denial” – aka forgetting to mention their girlfriends, fiancees or wives in their MySpace or Facebook profiles. That idea just grosses me out, really. Skeeves.

4. “Sexual skills: 1 in 3 men wish their partners were better in bed.” (2009 Harlequin Romance Report) And what about what women are wishing? Wonder how THOSE numbers compared!?!

5. “Psychic readings” – Cosmo is saying that this is directly related to the economy. I am saying this is directly related to people feeling a need to waste their money. NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE. /rant

6. “Sequined Minidresses” – great, sequins are back. Woo. /sarcasm Apparently paring a sequined minidress with a “blazer and ballet flats” is the way to go. The mental image I’m getting of this outfit makes me glad that I’m a jeans & T-shirt girl!

This post was totally inspired by Cosmopolitan magazine. I love that magazine. I wonder if I get a subscription to it if I can write it off as a business expense? LOL

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