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mental health week
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Hi! You’ve reached Women’s Health, but currently I’m away from my desk

Right now I am:

  • working 40 hours a week at one job,
  • being trained for new duties at that job,
  • working 10 hours a week at another job,
  • handling a huge and somewhat mentally overwhelming project at that job,
  • trying to write enough to keep me sane,
  • going to church four or five days a week,
  • attempting to have a life outside of that stuff,
  • mentally preparing myself for a family reunion/my grams’ memorial service this weekend and
  • breathing deeply.

I may be missing in action for a couple of days while I try to screw my head back onto my neck (it ran away about 37 minutes ago. While I am gone, I suggest you check out the following sites which I adore:

I will return as soon as I can find that head (SHOOT! Did someone leave the front door open?) and I will be back to spamming your reader with women’s health news!

Until then, tell me what you do to keep your stress level down!


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