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10 post-surgery realizations

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As I write this I am 10 days post-surgery. I have all sorts of holes in my body that I did not opt to have put there (technically) and wish that at least one of them had a ring or a bar in it. My nose, soon enough, will have something. Can’t wait to be one-hundred-percent healed!

Realizations about the last ten days include:

1. I have watched more movies than should be legally allowed. Unless you’ve had surgery of course.
2. I missed four full days of work but don’t feel guilty about it.
3. I also have had to leave work early twice this week during healing and don’t feel guilty about that anymore either.
4. Guilt gets me no where.
5. On Wednesday and Thursday I’ve had some “breakthrough” pain that was bad enough to make me gasp and at one point I was in tears. My doc wants me to take my pain meds like I was told. He thinks this could be the problem.
6. I am not Wonder Woman.
7. I am not Super Woman either.
8. I wish I were one or the other. That’d be fun.
9. Asking for help is hard, but worth it. Without it I would probably have torn stitches, still be miserable, and my friends would hate me for not admitting I needed help.
10. I am ready to feel normal again. I am tired of not feeling well, tired of being tired, tired of not being able to exercise and tired of not being me!

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Eye Update

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Remember that twitchy eye?

It’s still twitching.

I’m going on day 25 of twitchiness so I broke down and called my ophthalmologist. Her recommendation? “Calm down, take a break, close your eyes and try to relax.” I thought she was funny, until I realized that she was serious.

I have made a connection to life-situations and rate of eye-twitching, though. When I talk about moving (across the country … happening in late April/early May), it freaks out. When I think about the fact that I have a slight toothache, it freaks out. When I dwell on the intense drama that is occurring at work, it freaks out. My eye twitch is clearly stress related. Too bad I thrive on stress. Looks like I’ll just have to get used to the darned thing.

I should name it.

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Painful realizations

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Six weeks ago I received my rheumatology “first visit questionnaire” and filled it out. Three pages of pretty detailed questions “Considering all the ways in which illnesses and health conditions may affect you at this time, please indicate how you are doing:” (on a scale of 0, very well to 10, very poorly) and shading in “usual pain” areas on a pretty buff male figure (maybe they used Hugh Jackson). Tonight I pulled the paperwork out, as I’ll see the rheumatologist tomorrow and I wanted to double-check the answers. I am concerned.

Tonight I am in a very different place regarding my pain than I was six weeks ago. This week has been particularly hard on me (I hope it’s due to stress and the changes in weather) and so I amended the questionnaire in a different pen than what I used before. I am concerned that there has been such a steep decrease in my functioning in six weeks. I’ve even talked with a friend about allowing the rheumatologist to suggest antidepressants. I know the pain isn’t in my head, but if I can change my head space about the pain, I think that it would lessen. Aleve, Advil and Tylenol do nothing for me. I have prescriptions for Vicodin and for Oxycontin which I’m not comfortable using more than once or twice a week right now, but I might have to change my mindset about that as well.

For those who don’t know, I am a true believer in prayer, and so I have been praying fervently for relief. I am beginning to feel lead to pray for a different mindset about the pain I’m currently in, though. A close friend told me that this pain may be the thorn in my side, it may be the reminder I need to lean on my Maker, my Abba, the One who will heal me the day I meet Him. I think she may be more right than she knows.

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Training while injured

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Last week I tore a tendon in my left foot. Since then I’ve been on & off crutches (mostly off because a) they make me sore and b) they make people stare at me), resting ice on the foot and keeping it as elevated as I can. The part of this that’s killing me though is that I’ve not been able to exercise. I’ve been told to stay off the foot as much as I can so that I don’t tear it even more, and that’s driving me batty.

What can you do if you’re stuck on your bum after you’re used to training pretty hard?

1. Limited upper- or lower-body exercises. Use your free/hand-weights and work on your arms, shoulders and back while your foot is resting above your heart. If you can stand it, do some rowing while your lower body is stationary. If your shoulders are bothering you, ride a stationary bike and keep your upper body as stable as possible. Even while running, you can keep your upper body relatively stable if you concentrate on it.

2. Use your stability ball. Work on your abs while your foot or your shoulder heals. Use it to strengthen your core while your other muscles get a bit of a break.

3.  Swimming. Swimming is relatively easy on all of your body parts, and even just “walking” in the water can be easy on your legs. While my back was healing from a previous injury, I wore a floaty-belt and “walked” around the 8-foot-deep pool for an hour. I was more fit after healing than I was before being injured!

4. Try some extra stretching. See how flexible you can get your lower body while your back heals. See if you can relax your back and neck enough that you’re pain-free while your rolled ankle takes care of itself.

There are definitely options for physical activity if you’re injured, you may just have to be creative with your ideas. Have you ever been injured and wanted to continue working out? What did you do?

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