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My guilt complex

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I have a guilt complex.

I feel guilty for little things I do.
I had two beers instead of just one? Guilt.

I feel guilty for medium things.
I said I’d be there and I can’t bring myself to go? Guilt.

I feel guilty for big things.
I get divorced three years after getting married? GUILT.

The huge things? They cause ulcers.

According to Wikipedia (the source of all knowledge, right?), guilt “is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes – whether justified or not – that he or she has violated a moral standard, and is responsible for that violation.” They also mention that it’s “closely related to the concept of remorse” although I believe that people can be remorseful without feeling guilty.

Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty for little things that have no true impact on my life, so I’ve been reading about interesting ways to cope with (or get over) guilt.
~ accept that you’re not perfect and can’t keep things perfect, no matter how hard you try.
~ understand your decisions are always going to be classified as “good” or “bad”
~ understand “good” and “bad” mean different things to different people
~ share your guilty feelings with someone safe; oftentimes that releases a lot of the feeling
~ accept mistakes you make, then make plans to avoid making the same ones in the future

I have been concentrating on that last one … making (and keeping) plans to avoid guilt-inducing situations in the future.

How do you avoid guilt?
How do you deal with guilt if you encounter it?

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009!

2008 was a pretty abusive year for quite a few people, and so I’m hoping that 2009 is nicer to us all.

I am mentally preparing a slew of posts for ya’ll and apologize for disappearing throughout the holiday season. I am ready for a new year and my old routine.

Most of all, I am looking forward to the changes I have in the works for 2009. A cross-country move, graduate school, and a new job are all in the future for me … LORD willing. Until then, let’s begin anew and celebrate everything that we have been given for our time being!

See ya tomorrow!

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Honesty is good for the soul

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I am sick of posting recipes! There. I said it. Hah! Food is good, but it was getting a little old to me! I cooked some of the stuff I shared, but really the month felt like it was nothing.

This week I’m changing things up.

Monday through Friday of this week I will be posting at least five things (each day) that I am thankful for. I’d love for you to either join me by doing it on your own blog, or by sharing something in the comments here.

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving together on the internet by being honest about all the blessings we have in our lives! There may be a prize involved if I can get some participants! Leave me a note here if you’re thinking about participating and I’ll be sure to get a prize for someone!

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Your birth control pill isn’t making you fat

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Have you read? Hormonal birth control pills do not cause weight gain? It might be the fact that you’re getting older, you’re eating more or you’re exercising less, but your birth control pills are not the reason your pants feel too tight today.

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Pregnancy Pact Prompts Pill Promotion

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I read an interesting story about June’s news on the “pregnancy pacts that occurred at Gloucester High School. The whole story just boggles my mind; but that’s me. Do you remember the story? 17 teen girls from one high school ended up pregnant – so that they could be pregnant together. Anyway, the whole point of this blog was that ‘Pregnancy Pact’ Prompts High School to Hand out Birth Control. I am encouraged that a situation with such drastic results has ended up in a positive position.

Reading that story made me think about what I believe with regards to birth control and teenagers.

I believe that birth control should be offered in high schools. I also believe that education about birth control should be mandatory. Without the education part of that equation, I don’t think that condoms or birth control methods should be offered within a high school, but with the proper education, most teenagers can figure out the best method for their own sexual protection.

Expect a quick blog post here shortly about my own birth control recommendations for high schoolers.

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