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Intimate partner violence and chronic pain

Chemical structure of cortisol.
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I read an interesting article this week showing that there is a predisposition to chronic pain in women who have suffered with intimate partner violence.

Abusive Partners Predispose Chronic Pain by Rick Nauert explains that even two years after separating from an abusive situation, many women still experience “high-disability chronic pain.”

I would have never made a connection in my head like this without someone else prompting it. “The authors noted that chronic stress caused by IPV may inhibit how the body naturally adapts to stress and causes imbalances in cortisol levels.” That makes sense. Cortisol levels are the cause for most inflammation in a person’s body – and when things are inflamed, they aren’t healthy.

I’d love to know more about this connection, and I’d also love to know if there is a personal story out there willing to be shared. If so, please email me. No information would be shared here without permission, but I would really like to talk with someone who is willing.

Living with an invisible illness is not easy, help me educate those seeking information!

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