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Sex education versus abstinence only education

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I am a Christian woman.
I support waiting to have sex until a person is married.
HOWEVER, I know the majority of people do not believe the way that I do.
I fully believe in educating the majority – those who choose to have sex outside of marriage.

My long-term goal is to go into HIV/AID education prevention … internationally … in places where sex more often than not happens before, after, during and outside of marriage. I want to work in HIV/AIDS prevention with communities and cultures where condoms are taboo. I want to work with women who feel as though they have no say in their own sex life. I want to educate these women on the fact that they have a choice. They can fight.

I recently watched The Education of Shelby Knox on NetFlix (onDemand … oh how I love thee!) and connected so deeply to Shelby’s motivations and goals that I would like to meet her in person to speak with her, to hug her, to offer her my full support as a woman a decade older than her. This week’s goal is to find a way to reach her and let her know that I fully support the works she is involved in to see what else I can do to further the mission that we both share. One of the quotes, from the movie (that I stayed up until 1am to finish!) that clearly resonated was: “God cannot use blind followers.” My eyes are open wide, and I hope that yours will be, too.

Just because I am a Christian woman does not mean that I believe you can’t TEACH sexual education. Abstinence only education does not work – it has been proven time and time again. Abstinence education ALONG with condom and other forms of birth control use on the other on hand has been shown to reduce teen pregnancy, reduce the rate of sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs), but still, it is rarely taught within the public education system. This needs to change.

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New approaches to preventing HIV/AIDS needed

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Know what kind of news totally makes my day? Positive news regarding HIV/AIDS.

Know what kind of news totally makes my week? Positive news regarding women with HIV/AIDS.

While Global Challenges :: Women’s health advocates call for new approaches to preventing HIV/AIDS isn’t the specific type of positive news that would make my month/year/life*, it is encouraging to hear that people are finally really recognizing that women’s HIV/AIDS prevention is so very important. “Bernice Heloo, president of the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa said that women that more women are contracting HIV because of several factors, including gender inequality. “Women are already marginalized, and HIV and AIDS have worsened their plight”.

*The title of that artcile will one day read: HIV/AIDS Cure Discovered

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