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Fitness in the Fall

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In Oregon, the weather is starting to cool off. This scares me for a couple of reasons, seasonal depression and the imminent promise of wet days. Those wet days prevent me from running or walking in comfort outside, and my waistline normally pays a little bit for that. This year, however, I have access to a very small free gym and I plan on utilizing that. If you don’t have access to a free gym like I do, I do have three indoor workout suggestions for you, though.

  1. Use the gym membership you already have! Some people pay for a year’s worth of gym membership up front and let it get stale. Others pay monthly and never go. Well it’s time to dust off your shoes and go to the gym!
  2. Buy a couple of workout DVDs and move the coffee table. If you can’t buy a couple, borrow them from your library. If you’re a NetFlix member, they have heaps of exercise DVDs you can hold on to as long as you need to. On a personal note, everything from The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max to Jillian Michaels for Beginners Frontside and Backside are in my queue. (I’ll write my fabulous reviews once I use them.) Even YouTube has videos you can use to work out with!
  3. Free weights in your living room during commercial breaks (or even during the TV show!) will tone up your mucles and are easy to utilize.

The key really is to make the stuck-inside workouts as fun and as interesting as possible. If you’re not bored, you’ll keep doing it, and your pants will keep getting smaller!

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Women’s Health in the News V

African American women’s health as new focus – “The Suffolk University Sociology Department announced Nyjah Wyche to be the first recipient of its annual full-tuition scholarship for Graduate Studies in Women’s Health.” Read about the very first winner of this scholarship!

Migraines effect women more often then men, but unfortunately aren’t treated as often as they should. Alternative migraine therapies have been integral in my own treatment plan, and I absolutely recommend you read this article and then call a local acupuncturist – and if you can’t find one, let me know and I’ll find one for you!

Sure high heels make your legs look longer, leaner and more feminine, but they aren’t so good for your health.  However, bunions, hammertoes and possible “irreversible damage to leg tendons” might not be worth looking “hot” while at work. I am guilty of wearing heels to work three out of my five days, but after reading High heels harmful for women’s health, I might invest in some flashy flats instead.

While keeping my eyes peeled for women’s health news this week I stumbled across Anna in Honduras – a Peace Corps volunteer in Hondurs (duh) that also has a blog. She writes about things from Midwifery workshops to her new pink amartment. Engaging, open and honest, this blog inspires me in my international health goals.

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Blocking women’s healthcare access

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After reading an article about the government being able to block access to women’s health care that a friend pointed me to, I am honestly at a loss for words. I can’t get over what the Bush administration thinks they can get away with.

Why the outrage? A new possible law “… would require that any health care entity that receives federal financing — whether it’s a physician in private practice, a hospital or a state government — certify in writing that none of its employees are required to assist in any way with medical services they find objectionable.”

Excuse me?

No. I read that right. If my doctor doesn’t want to prescribe birth control pills, insert an IUD, or even talk to me about sexual practices, she wouldn’t have to. I went to her for health advice, but since I’m not married and want to talk sex, she is legally protected in telling me “I can’t help you.” Speechless, I tell you.

What about the women who can’t afford to go find another doctor who is willing to talk to them? What about the doctors who are willing to talk to you and then have schedules so filled you can’t get in for three months? What about emergency contraception for rape victims. WHAT ABOUT THE PATIENTS? While I understand that doctors have consciences, they agreed to “do no harm” to a patient. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, not providing women with safe options, is harmful. Things don’t mesh.

I would love to wax eloquent with my anger towards the balls of the Bush administration, but I can’t; I’m that enraged. What are they thinking? Really? Seriously?

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Best & Worst in Women’s Health

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On a Manic Monday, I really only have one news article that I wanted to share with my readers. It would be Health magazine’s list of the best & worst moments in women’s health. I was surprised to see that the “modern” tampon was listed as the number 1 “best” while birth control pills being declared safe was listed at number 5.

Other moments that made me think included Katie Couric’s public (on. the. news!) colonoscopy and the fact that Gardasil (which many physicians are still leery of) was on the list. Moving on to the seven lows in women’s health, I was reminded why I’m happy to live in the 21st century: cigarettes aren’t marketed as empowering anymore, sterilizations aren’t forced, hysteria is not diagnosed and Plan B is prescribed.

I absolutely recommend that every female reader check out this article, and then let me know what you think!

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Women’s health blogs I love

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Instead of five challenges (does anyone actually do the challenges but me?) I am sharing five blogs I think you should check out this week! Let me know what you think!

  1. Breaking the Mirror –  For any woman who has lived with an eating disorder, or knows someone else who has, this blog is a great resource with personal stories that make it readable. Angelique‘s recent entry on running five miles hit home for me. I love the personal touches that Angelique includes in her blog and absolutely recommend you check out this place!
  2. – this website is all-inclusive with regards to health and fitness. Everything from celebrity fitness to polls to tech information, this site is fun, informative and pretty to look at, too!
  3. Mental Health Notes – Alicia is such a positive advocate for mental health awareness that she makes me feel weak in my own efforts. With giveaways, links, personal stories and lots of encouragement, Alicia is a one-woman therapy group who always welcomes new readers!
  4. Women’s Health & Fitness Guide – when I first found this website, I was overwhelmed with all of the information. There is a lot of writing on this site, but it is easy to read, informative and educational. Writing for Weight Loss Success has been a very impactful entry for my life since I haven’t been able to run like I would like to!
  5. Women’s Health News – exactly what the blog title reads. Need a source for women’s health news? This blog is for you.
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Women’s Health in the News IV

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Pirate Alice *

I feel like it’s been a slow news week for me, but here is what I feel compelled to share!

I told you it was slow this week! Enjoy the few links and let me know what you want to see more of!*Pirate Alice, your name rocks. Thank you for making me smile!

*Pirate Alice – I love your name. Thank you for making me smile with that!

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With the help of Hanz & Franz

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“I am Hanz” … “and I am Franz” … “and we want to *one clap* PUMP YOU UP!”

Today I’d like to *clap* pump you up by sharing a cool program a fellow blogging friend introduced me to months ago. One hundred push ups is a program that helps you train to do 100 consecutive push ups. What woman wouldn’t want to be able to challenge someone to that?

Basically, you start out with your initial test and move on to follow a series of weekly work outs strictly with push ups. Geared toward beginners as well as advanced pusher-uppers, this series is (so far) easy to follow and produces results. While I hope to one day actually be able to do 100 consecutive push ups, the real reason I started this is to tone my arms, as push ups are free and easy to do for upper body toning. As one of the most basic exercises you can do, they are great for the chest, abs, triceps and your shoulders. Although tank top season is almost over, why not spend the winter doing 100’s of push ups so that you don’t have to stress come next spring?

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A Proper Sit Up

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Tight absTo strengthen abdominal muscles, trainers oftentimes recommend doing sit-ups, however, they rarely stress doing sit-ups with proper form. You can do thousands of sit-ups and work your neck, your back, your hip flexors even, but never your abdominal muscles.

I scoured the internet looking for a sit up that I felt used ONLY my abdominal muscles and really made me work and found a fantastic one. Check out this YouTube video to see a proper form sit-up being done, and use your abs this week! Let me know how it goes, and we’ll discuss push-ups here soon!

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Women’s Health in the News III

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Vitamin D has potential to ward off disease, reports Harvard Women’s Health Watch – Fall is around the corner, and for many of us, that means less sunshine. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, this article about vitamin D activity is an educational read. Do you need to start supplementing? Either way, enjoy the last bit of sunshine you can get and check out this link!

Laugh it up for better health – Once again the Canadians have some good advice for us: laugh. Not only does laughing release stress relieving chemicals in your body, but it strengthens your abdominal muscles and makes you feel good. Need a good laugh? Check out I Can Has Cheezburger?. If you don’t laugh, you may need medical intervention.

Leslie Goldman shares an blog that made me want to hug her*. How a pro-life VP will make you feel fat. While your politics are your business, Goldman draws a connection between anti-choice governments leading women to feel fat because they don’t trust their bodies. Definitely a read I recommend!

Do you live in Ann Arbor? Are you interested in women’s health, especially osteoporosis? I would love for you to go to this women’s health event focusing on osteoporosis then and report back to me. Okay? I’ll give you a cookie with a big glass of vitamin D fortified milk in return.

African women’s health is back in the news. The World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Africa, Luis Sambo has issued a challege to African governments: improve their health. This is exciting for me – this is where I eventually want to work and seeing the challenges begin now encourages me that I could be a big part of helping women become more health-conscious.

I stumbled across Girl on Top late last week and her review of “The Great Physicians Rx for Women’s Health (Jordan & Nicki Rubin) made me want to check it out. I’m adding it to the list, and after you read her review, you might want to, too!

And the neatest (to me) piece of women’s health news this week? A list of 125 best packaged food for women. We’re all busy, have a million zillion things to do, and eat packaged foods more often than we want or should; but this list gives us 125 healthier options to choose from. Whether you want to drink some fabulous Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice (with calcium & vitamin D) or some Quaker instant oatmeal, you can find things on the list to suit your meal needs. I bookmarked this site and am going to start adding things to my grocery list from it. I challenge you to do the same!

*Hugging strangers is only partly recommended by me. That may be another post. Yeah, I’ll tell you about my adventures hugging strangers soon.

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