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Training Plans

Next Tuesday marks six weeks post surgery, and I can finally say that I’m almost healed.
Sneezing still hurts.
Coughing too hard still hurts.
Laughing hysterically (last time it was about farts) still hurts.
But generally, I’m doing really well.

Next week I plan to start training for the Portland half-Marathon. I have until October to re-train my body to running 13.1 miles. I hope to do it under two hours, but I doubt that’ll happen. It’s a goal people, a goal.

I know that I am going to have to start SLOW otherwise I’ll hurt myself badly. I am going to be using Cool Running’s The Couch-to-5K plan. There is also a podcast on iTunes that uses music to help you train. I’m downloading it to be sure I can keep my feet moving at the “right” speed.

I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated as I train, but I just wanted to warn you that I may start whining about my running habits here soon!

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