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A humiliating bus stop

Part of me wants to be appalled, but most of me is giggling at the advertising ploy behind it.

You sit on the bench at the bus stop and your weight is clearly displayed for all to see. The gym guilts someone into joining their establishment with creative advertising! Fitness First, a health club in the Netherlands hopes to increase their gym membership numbers by embarrassing the every-day bus rider.

Read more of the original article at Gizmodo!

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April showers

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Spring has sprung in many parts of the United States, and for most of us, the weather is warming up, our wardrobes are changing, we’re digging out dusty sunglasses and our toes are sliding back into flip flops. Magazines, books, websites and even television shows are encouraging women to take care of themselves and put themselves as first priority so that as soon as summer hits we’re in the best bikini shape we can be! While I’m going to encourage us to do that, too, I’m throwing in a lot more.

What to expect from Women’s Health in April:
*fitness tips – the season of fewer clothes is right around the corner
*nutrition information – there’s all sorts of new stuff out all the time
*beauty product reviews – if you have recommendations or products you’d like to review, please contact me
*new food/recipe reviews – same review offer as before
*fashion stuff – this is a new territory for me since I”m a jeans & t-shirt girl, but we’ll see what I can pull out for ya’ll!
*interviews with other women’s health advocates – know one? Contact me!

Do you have an idea of what you want to see happening at Women’s Health? My inbox is always open for your suggestions – always!

Be Well,

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The World is Fat :: Book giveaway!!

One of the super-cool blogs I read is offering a book I really want to tackle. The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fattening the Human Race written by Barry Popkin looks to be a fantastic read – especially for a future public health educator. If I were to win this book, I’d turn around and give it away again on here so that someone else could enjoy it!

The author follows the expanding waistlines of four families in the United States, Mexico and India to argue that obesity is less a result of gluttony and sloth than a confluence of factors rooted in a fundamental conflict between human biology and modern society, where more calories are consumed than expended, and governments and multinational corporations shape everyday lives (a detailed section traces the growth of modern food and beverage conglomerates).

Kelly of Every Gym’s Nightmare is a personal trainer offering gym tips, reviews, Q&As and much more on her personal blog. She truly is a gym’s nightmare because she offers her fitness training information for free! If you don’t already read her blog, I recommend you check her out – and enter her contests – tell her Sarah sent you!

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November Theme

Suicide rates by Health Service Area (HSA), 19...
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November brings a themed month to Women’s Health. What theme would you like to see me write about? ( polls) 

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Fitness in the Fall

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In Oregon, the weather is starting to cool off. This scares me for a couple of reasons, seasonal depression and the imminent promise of wet days. Those wet days prevent me from running or walking in comfort outside, and my waistline normally pays a little bit for that. This year, however, I have access to a very small free gym and I plan on utilizing that. If you don’t have access to a free gym like I do, I do have three indoor workout suggestions for you, though.

  1. Use the gym membership you already have! Some people pay for a year’s worth of gym membership up front and let it get stale. Others pay monthly and never go. Well it’s time to dust off your shoes and go to the gym!
  2. Buy a couple of workout DVDs and move the coffee table. If you can’t buy a couple, borrow them from your library. If you’re a NetFlix member, they have heaps of exercise DVDs you can hold on to as long as you need to. On a personal note, everything from The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max to Jillian Michaels for Beginners Frontside and Backside are in my queue. (I’ll write my fabulous reviews once I use them.) Even YouTube has videos you can use to work out with!
  3. Free weights in your living room during commercial breaks (or even during the TV show!) will tone up your mucles and are easy to utilize.

The key really is to make the stuck-inside workouts as fun and as interesting as possible. If you’re not bored, you’ll keep doing it, and your pants will keep getting smaller!

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With the help of Hanz & Franz

U.S. Marines count out push-ups.
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“I am Hanz” … “and I am Franz” … “and we want to *one clap* PUMP YOU UP!”

Today I’d like to *clap* pump you up by sharing a cool program a fellow blogging friend introduced me to months ago. One hundred push ups is a program that helps you train to do 100 consecutive push ups. What woman wouldn’t want to be able to challenge someone to that?

Basically, you start out with your initial test and move on to follow a series of weekly work outs strictly with push ups. Geared toward beginners as well as advanced pusher-uppers, this series is (so far) easy to follow and produces results. While I hope to one day actually be able to do 100 consecutive push ups, the real reason I started this is to tone my arms, as push ups are free and easy to do for upper body toning. As one of the most basic exercises you can do, they are great for the chest, abs, triceps and your shoulders. Although tank top season is almost over, why not spend the winter doing 100’s of push ups so that you don’t have to stress come next spring?

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Ideas to Share

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exerciseI am a fan of lists, themes, organization and routine. This makes blogging interesting for me, as I try to keep a “proper” routine, keep my lists put together, theme certain weeks, and keep it all organized while doing so. I sometimes have trouble with the follow-through, but put a valiant effort towards it all. With the beginning of this blog, I plan on doing the same thing; start a routine, follow it for a week or two, struggle to follow it, and then remind myself that I want you all to start routines as well (health-related ones) and then throw myself whole-heartedly back into it. You ready?

Manic Mondays will bring you the women’s health and fitness news from the week before. I’ll be on the look-out for news all week long in hopes of pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly that you might have missed!

Two for Tuesdays will focus on two aspects of health many people forget about: relationship and financial health. Both are important facets of women’s health that aren’t always at the forefront of people’s minds but have a direct connection to other parts of our lives.

Workout Wednesdays encourages you to add a new physical activity to your life. Prepare yourself for tips on cardiovascular health, weight training and flexibility exercises to increase your life span. Watch for pictures, for videos, for music suggestions and fun ideas!

Thoughtful Thursdays stands to remind my readers that mental, emotional and even spiritual health are vital characteristics of good health. I’ll concentrate on specific mental health issues along with the many other “enlightening” ideas on Thursdays.

Friday 5 is set up to be a challenge for me and my readers. On Friday I’ll give you five health related missions to do in the next seven days.

Once we get this blog really going,  I hope to find some health-related sponsers to share their wares with us as winnings for contests, health challenges, and other events I have mentally planned. If you know of any companies who would be interested in participating in the fun at Women’s Health & Fitness please let me know, I’d love to talk with them. If you have any ideas for contests, challenges or fun things to do, I also want to know that stuff! Remember, your participation here at Women’s Health & Fitness is vital to our growth!

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