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Gross places for your stuff

I read a really interesting article on today about some bad places we put everyday things. The Worst Places for Your Health – I thought I’d share some of them with you. Mostly you’ll have to go to the article to read why, but I’ve thrown in some of my own comments on some of them!

The worst place for your toothbrush :: on the bathroom sink – (Years ago I had to tell my roommate about the toilet spray thing. She was confused as to why I kept my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, but after I told her about the possible SIX FOOT SPRAY from your toilet, she promptly moved her toothbrush to the cabinet, too!)

The worst place for your sneakers and flip-flops :: in the bedroom closet

The worst place to try to fall asleep :: under piles of blankets – (I can’t fall asleep unless I’m super warm. I have a heated mattress pad and if my feet are cold when I’m trying to sleep, it’ll be hours before I actually get to sleep!)

The worst place to cool leftovers :: in the refrigerator

The worst place for a workout reminder :: stuck on your post-it laden fridge

The worst place to sit on an airplane :: the rear

The worst place to pick up a prescription :: the pharmacy drive-thru – (I was particularly surprised by this one. I’ve never noticed that my pharmacist was distracted as he gave me my prescription through the drive through, but I normally drop them off inside, pick them up through the drive-through and check them in the car before I leave! I ask questions when I drop them off rather than when I pick them up. Maybe that makes a difference?)

The worst place to set your handbag :: the kitchen counter – (This will lead to another post tomorrow about how to prevent this!)

The worst stall to pick in a public restroom :: the one in the middle – (I’ve always heard the one closest to the door is the least germy.)

The worst place to stand during your first few fitness classes :: front and center

The worst place for a nighttime reading light :: overhead

The worst place to keep medicine :: the medicine cabinet – (So we should all start calling our medicine cabinets the toothbrush cabinets I guess.)

The worst place to set fruit before washing it :: the kitchen sink

The worst place to use earbuds or headphones :: on an airplane, train, or subway

The worst place for your coffee :: the refrigerator or freezer

The worst place for your TV :: wherever you dine

Glass Straw Giveaway at Living A Whole Life

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Image by `michelleBlack via Flickr

The ladies over at Living a Whole Life are giving away a set of glass straws to help keep you hydrated and save the landfills! They are also guaranteed, but are essentially unbreakable “they are made of borosilicate glass tubing which is the strongest commercially available glass. This is the same glass that Pyrex is made from. The straws are also annealed which means they are slowly cooled to make them tougher, less brittle, and dishwasher safe.”

Pieces of art that have purpose could be yours if you let them know what kind of whole living topics you’d like to see them cover in more depth. My vote? Fasting. Medical or non-medical, the idea of fasts fascinates me and I’d love to read more research on them.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own glass straws, head over to Daedra’s Etsy page and snag some!

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