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Sulu Beauty – Paint & Peel nail polishes

Sula Beauty - Paint & Peel in RubyJust because your nail polish is environmentally friendly doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!

Sula Beauty has an amazing line of nail polish that has eliminated the need for chemical-based removers; their nail polishes are meant to last a few days before you can peel it off!

With both a Sula collection and a Trend collection, these bottles of eco-friendly nail polish are gorgeous and you can find a hue to go with any outfit you’re putting together.

Sula is about highly wearable products designed to compliment you, not define you. Your look and mood changes throughout the day so your products should too: Two different nail colours in one day? With Sula Paint and Peel, Yes! And Yes!

Susanne Lang, founder of Sula Beauty has it right when she says “break rules, set trends and always play pretty.”

Find a store near you that carries Sula Beauty products!

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