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New Year’s Resolutions, XI

91. Drink 64 ounces of water every day for a week – water is so good for you. Everyone should drink at least SOME water every day, and since I know I can tolerate 64 ounces a day, this is my goal. Staying hydrated is important for skin health!

92. If I can do it for a week, make it a month – because what’s a month when you really think about drinking water?

93. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination – this makes me nervous because I’m such a planner, but we’ll see what happens!

94. Buy a matching bra and panty set – everyone should have pretties on underneath their regular clothes

95. Clean a drawer (thanks Angie) – this will get taken care of here pretty soon, moving is going to require a lot of cleaning!

96. Tithe – I’m not regular about it right now but know that it’s part of what I believe and so I need to figure this out!

97. Read the entire Bible from cover to cover again – I’ve done it once but that was like 8 years ago. It’s darned time.

98. Improve my posture – stand up straight, sit up straight, use my desk to work on the laptop instead of my couch. Those are all things that are going to help me out!

99. Work from home – I’ve already done this one! I’d love to do it full-time for a little while but for now the bank is my work home.

100. Leave my city once a month – I am not in “my” city right now. I’m a million miles away in South Carolina! Whee!

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Friday 5 – 8/15/08

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On Fridays, I am going to encourage you to do five different things in the next seven days. Those things may range from small to big, but I’m going to try to challenge my readers. If you’re up for taking the challenge, leave me a comment and I’ll add you to a list on this (and every following Friday’s) post!

By next Friday, I challenge you to do the following five things!

1. Go for a walk. Take ten minutes, take a half-an-hour, take two hours even and go for a walk. Walk slow, walk fast, or walk in-between, but get outside and go for a walk. Take your pet, take your spouse, take your children, but get outside and walk around!

2. Write a hand-written note or letter to someone. We’re so dependent on emails, blogs and IMs to talk to one another; think about the power of a handwritten note. Drop your mom a card, write a co-woker a “way-to-go!” Post-It note, use your pen and some paper and spread the love.

3. Hide $1 in an old purse or wallet, or the cookie jar, or the junk drawer even. This dollar can help you get more food for less money in the future!

4. Turn off the TV for one hour when you would normally watch it. I don’t care what you do, but turn off the TV and do something else, go outside, meet your neighbors, do something else! Leave me a comment on each of my previous posts if you don’t have anything better to do!

5.  Drink 8 glasses of water in one day. It’s not impossible, you can do it! Everyone and everything needs water – do you think you’re getting enough water. Try to get enough one day and then see how you feel!

I’ll be right there with you this week as you strive to try these five new things! Let me know how it goes and remember, change is good!

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