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Glass Straw Giveaway at Living A Whole Life

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The ladies over at Living a Whole Life are giving away a set of glass straws to help keep you hydrated and save the landfills! They are also guaranteed, but are essentially unbreakable “they are made of borosilicate glass tubing which is the strongest commercially available glass. This is the same glass that Pyrex is made from. The straws are also annealed which means they are slowly cooled to make them tougher, less brittle, and dishwasher safe.”

Pieces of art that have purpose could be yours if you let them know what kind of whole living topics you’d like to see them cover in more depth. My vote? Fasting. Medical or non-medical, the idea of fasts fascinates me and I’d love to read more research on them.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own glass straws, head over to Daedra’s Etsy page and snag some!

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New Year’s Resolutions, VII

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51. Swim in the ocean – I hear that’s nicer in South Carolina than in Oregon. Otherwise I’m going to freeze my ovaries off.

52. Learn to cook a fabulous new staple meal – I cook some mean soups and enchiladas, and some chicken dishes, but want something new to add to my list!

53. Get a massage – Everyone should get at least one massage a year.

54. Give a massage – I want to be able to make someone else feel good with my hands … and not in *that* way.

55. Finish a cross-stitch – I have about 25 mostly-started ones, I should finish one … or seven.

56. Wear my hair really big in public – don’t ask.

57. Ride in a cab – I enjoy riding in cabs (love not driving) and so this makes me a happy girl.

58. Wear a non-traditional colored shoe (purple or green or something!) – I have been lusting after a pair of peacock blue satin peep toe pumps and think they’d be fabulous to own. Too bad they’re $300+!

59. Find a job I like while going to graduate school – at a bank or a non-profit most likely. Maybe something using my degrees, or what I’m earning with this next degree.

60. Organize my CD collection – they’re not in alphabetical order and they’re annoying me. I can’t find ANYTHING when I’m looking for it!

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