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Truvia Trivia

I recently saw an advertisement in Shape magazine for “truvia” that caught my eye.
“Our new sweetener is born from a leaf, not in a lab. Meet the leaf of the stevia plant. The proud parent of our new natural sweetener. We just give it water. We give it sun. Next, we steep it in a process like making tea. Ultimately, this little leaf gives back a recipe for sweetness that’s both delicious and 0-calorie guilt-free. It’s a miracle of nature, not chemistry. Enjoy. Find it at your grocery store. Find out more at

Being the curious consumer I am, I did a little research.
Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni: an herb in the sunflower family (Asteraceae) which grows in Paraguay & Brazil, up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, stevia has a “negligible effect” on blood glucose, in 1991 the United States banned stevia unless it was listed as supplement.

Truvia: consumer brand of stevia made of erythritol (a sugar alcohol) and Rebiana (cleared as a safe food sweetener), jointly marketed by Cargill and the Coca-Cola company.

What I find truly interesting about truvia sweetener is that a Coke is directly involved in it’s creation and it’s marketing. Might the soda manufacturing companies be taking a hit as people recognize their unhealthy and incredibly addictive drinks? Also, on the website, truvia is clearly classified as a non-organic sweetener.

I have yet to try truvia, but if I see it available, I probably will. I’ve tried many (many!) artificial sweeteners and while I prefer to bake with regular ‘ol cane sugar, I prefer Splenda in my coffee or tea right now. Thankfully I’m not sensitive to artificial sweeteners and so I have plenty of choices to keep my sweet tooth happy!

What other people are saying about truvia:
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WebMD‘s Miranda Hitti: Truvia, Made From Stevia, Being Sold Online and in Certain N.Y. Supermarkets
Baltimore Sun‘s Meredith Cohn: It’s called Truvia: The newest sugar substitute comes from the stevia plant
Ruth from Blisstree Media: New in the Market: Truvia Natural Sweetener
Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple: Is Truvia Safe?

What do you have to say about truvia?

Caffeine consumption not linked to breast cancer risk

Chemical structure of Caffeine.
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I drink probably a dozen cups of coffee each week. I don’t drink coffee every day, but sometimes I drink six cups a day. I am pleased to read a recent Washington Post article letting me know that Caffeine consumption doesn’t raise overall breast cancer risks.

Caffeine, which is found in sodas, some medications, coffee, chocolate and in some teas is probably the worlds most used drug and thankfully “consuming caffeine in any of its forms was not found to be significantly associated with breast cancer risk.” What great news for breast cancer awareness month, right?

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What I’m thinking about …

Map of South Carolina
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  • moving. South Carolina is really far away. I’m sure this is what God is leading me to do, but I’m scared. There, I admitted it. Go me. I need to start making lists again to keep myself organized. I’ll plan for it and my steps will be directed.
  • … working. I feel like I’m working a lot. I work 40 hours a week at the bank and then have double-digit hours for WEGOHealth and then count this blog as work, too. I love being busy, but I’m working a lot.
  • … playing. I’m not doing it enough. What do you do for play-time?
  • … singing. Lately I’ve been singing a lot. In the car, in the shower, on the couch, in the coffee shop I’m at right now. What has gotten into me?
  • … running. Dear Running, I miss you. Will you stop making my foot hurt so we can’t hang out again? The weather is about to get nasty and I’d love to spend some time outside with you before it does. Love, Sarah
  • … writing. I do a lot of non-fiction writing, but I’m passionate about ALL forms of writing. NaNoWriMo is coming up, but with all that working (see above) I don’t know if I have the actual time to write another novel.
  • … moving on. From a lot of things. Change is good, especially when it’s good for you. Please keep that in mind this week.
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The Power of Walking

Pw = (mg / p) [3gL / 2]1/2{1 – [1 – p2v2 / 6gL]1/2}  *

Right after napping, my favorite exercise would have to be walking. It’s easy, it’s free, you don’t need any special equipment to do it, and almost everyone can walk.

Stand up, put on some tennis shoes (please, your feet are good things!) and some comfortable clothes, put one foot in front of the other, and then repeat, 10,000 times a day.

Walking for Fitness shares ideas on getting started with a walking routine, teaches you that technique does count and speed does matter. You can walk for weight loss and you can even learn to use a pedometer (it’s easy, I promise)!

Even the CDC has a healthy weight loss plan that involves starting a walking plan.  I was particularly encouraged by this website as the pictures they use of those beginning the program aren’t of Olympic walkers, they’re of REAL people!

EZine has an article (written by Connie Limon) about beginning a walking routine. I really enjoyed reading this  article because it was written for beginners – I absolutely recommend this link!

If you’re in a place where walking outside isn’t the safest, what about starting a Treadmill Walking program? I have access to a gym and plan on using this when a) the weather gets bad and b) when my foot allows me to be really active again.

*this is really the power generated by walking. I suck at math (but am pretty good with naps, words, coffee and Laffy Taffy) but think it looks cool!

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How I know that I know what I’m talking about, ed II

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Game Over

Relationship Tip: Don’t change yourself for anyone but yourself.

Slowly, over almost a decade, I changed to make someone else happy. I changed my weight, I changed my exercise habits, I changed my religion, I changed my interests, I changed my taste in music, I changed my hair color, and I even tried to change my family, all to make him happy. Not only did I make myself incredibly unhappy, but he knew I was unhappy.

When he left that very unhappy woman, she didn’t realize why she was so unhappy for a few months. Then she woke up one day and realized that she didn’t have to buy crunchy peanut butter if she didn’t want to. She didn’t have to run every. single. day. She didn’t have to eat real meals, if she wanted popcorn or cereal for dinner, no one cared. This woman realized that going to bed on a Friday night at 8pm was a personal decision and if it made her feel good, she was going to do it.

The woman I am now does most things for herself. She sleeps in on days when she doesn’t feel like getting out of bed. She stays up too late sometimes. She drinks coffee the way that she likes it (which changes from day-to-day). She still dyes her hair (she’s cute as a blonde and as a brunette) and she still tries to run every day, but that’s her own choice. Every day she’s learning who she is and who she is to become, and she’ll never change for anyone but herself.

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