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A dairy free life

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As of January 1st, I must begin living an absolutely dairy-free life. I am incredibly nervous about this, but since both my primary care physician and my rheumatologist have explained that dairy is obviously a trigger for my immune system, it needs to go.

I love cheese. I would marry cheese. No, really, I have NEVER met a cheese I didn’t like. The stinkiest, most aged, strongest cheese and I are close. Until January 1st.

Why 1/1? Well, I that gives me two weeks to digest the fact that I’m about to change my diet by 175 degrees. I’m bummed and need those two weeks.

Do you live a dairy-free life? If so, do you have any tips for me?

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Things I’m thankful for, II

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Continuing the trend from yesterday, here are some more things I’m thankful for. I encourage you to participate with me and share some of your thankfulness!

  1. boots – most everyone looks good in boots. I have been coveting (forgive me LORD) these boots for a while now but there is no way that I’d spend that kind of money on myself right now.
  2. candles – they warm my house and my spirit. The glow they cast on humans makes everyone look beautiful. The scents they can emit have the power to evoke all sorts of emotions.
  3. cheese – I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. This may be something that has to be eliminated from my diet in the near future for health reasons, though.
  4. toile – this fabric is my favorite. I would love to have a comforter in black and cream or maroon and cream toile. Don’t really understand why, but I find it exquisite.
  5. my faith – it leads me up mountains to see the face of GOD and then into deep dark valleys to seek the face of GOD. My faith is always growing and changing and making me a more full person.
  6. traveling – right now I have such a travel bug. I want to go to Greece ($850), Germany ($645) and London ($650). I am being smart about finances though so I am not going, but I rejoice in the freedom that we have and am thankful that if I did have the finances I could go.
  7. college-ruled paper – I don’t like the wide stuff. I’d much rather write in my measured handwriting on narrow ruled paper. Sometimes I wish that it came even closer lined.

What are you thankful for?

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