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Death Threats

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I recently stumbled upon a great list of the top ten health-related killers of women. I’m going to spend some time deconstructing and expanding on the list!

1. Heart disease
2. Cancers
3. Strokes
4. COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
5. Alzheimer’s disease
6. Injuries
7. Type 2 diabetes
8. Flu
9. Kidney disease
10. Blood poisoning (septicemia or sepsis)

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Breast cancer news

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BBC News: Women ‘unaware of alcohol threat’ – “Women do not know about one of the biggest health risks linked to drinking too much – a raised chance of breast cancer, says a survey.”

American Profile: The Importance of Breast Exams – “‘Breast cancer survival is linked directly to early detection,’ says Connie Ziegfeld, a registered nurse at Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center in Baltimore. “If it’s found early, it’s less likely to have spread and more curable with less invasive treatment.”

TMCNet: Breast cancer awareness is part of the battle – “Early detection is important when it comes to cancer. That is why it is important for women to do self-checks and receive their yearly mammogram.”

Seattle Times: Story of breast-cancer researcher features local ties, strong cast – “Lifetime TV‘s “Living Proof” — directed by Seattle International Film Festival co-counder Dan Ireland — depicts the early trials of the breast-cancer drug Herceptin.”

East Valley Tribune: How women can wage breast cancer battle – “Early detection is the best protection. It remains critical that women not only perform monthly self-exams but also get an annual clinical exam and an annual mammogram. Also, if a woman is considered “at risk” – meaning those with 20 percent to 25 percent increased lifetime risk as determined through risk models identified by their physician, who have a family history of breast cancer and/or who carry the mutated BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes – it’s recommended that these women receive a breast MRI in conjunction with annual mammography.”

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Vitamin D and breast cancer connection

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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A new study led by Blackmore KM & colleagues from Mount Sinai Hospital in Ontario, Canada shows that vitamin D reduces the risk of breast cancer.

The study showed that by increasing your vitamin D intake (through both diet and exposure to sunshine) is associated with a “24% reduced risk of estrogen-receptor– (ER) and progesterone-receptor (PR) defined breast cancer.”

This is positive news for all women. Vitamin D has been previously touted as a ‘wonder vitamin’ and this is simply more support for that idea. For women who live in the Northern Hemisphere (therefore receiving less natural vitamin D exposure than those in the Southern hemisphere) it has been recommended that they “ought to consider vitamin D supplementation during the summer as well.

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Caffeine consumption not linked to breast cancer risk

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I drink probably a dozen cups of coffee each week. I don’t drink coffee every day, but sometimes I drink six cups a day. I am pleased to read a recent Washington Post article letting me know that Caffeine consumption doesn’t raise overall breast cancer risks.

Caffeine, which is found in sodas, some medications, coffee, chocolate and in some teas is probably the worlds most used drug and thankfully “consuming caffeine in any of its forms was not found to be significantly associated with breast cancer risk.” What great news for breast cancer awareness month, right?

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Sweepstakes Abound

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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