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Guidelines for Good Listening

Once again Carrie has pointed me in the direction of a FANTASTIC link that I had to share with you!

Guidelines to good listening from PsychCentral holds some REALLY great tips on how to be a good listener. Even if you already consider yourself a good listener, it has three really good tips on how to improve your already mastered skills!

Check it out, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out ED Bites and say hi to Carrie for me!

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16th annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

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The 2009 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections just wrapped up, and I’ve been on their site checking out the updates, articles and interviews and listening to the podcasts.

I really enjoyed reading the interview with David Bangsberg, a physician with his MPH who is working on a study seeing whether the same type of adherence was needed after 12 months of continual therapy on antiviral medications.

His study team hypothesized “that the level of adherence required to sustain viral suppression would decline with time, possibly because the reservoir of latently infected cells declines with suppression,” he may have been proven correct.

I’m sending you over to the actual interview to read more about viral suppression and see what the results are showing!

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New Year’s Resolutions, XII

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101. Dance in the rain – easy to do in Oregon. So much fun and it takes some definite carefreeness to do it. Let’s hope!

102. Jump in a puddle – same as above, really.

103. Reform my DVD collection – once I move I’d like to grow my collection back up to what it used to be. Right now I own 10 DVDs. (De-Lovely, Dirty Dancing (in German & English), Finding Nemo, Moulin Rouge, Premonition, Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Thirteen Going on Thirty & Walk the Line)

104. Buy a gift for a stranger – how could would it be to GET a gift from a stranger? Why not give it and totally surprise someone?

105. Be fitted for a bra – I’m in my late 20’s and never had this done. LOL

106. Take one hot bath a week – instead of multiple. Save on water, save my skin, and electricity, too!

107. Memorize the lyrics to a song not in my regular genre – something hip hoppy perhaps. That’s one of the only genres I don’t regularly listen to!

108. Do some more health networking – spread my wings within WEGO as well as the new online communities I’ve joined.

109. Make a list of 110 resolutions for next year – I should start my list now. LOL

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Happy Holidays!

In 2009, I commit to ...
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I hope that whatever holiday you and yours are celebrating today is magical and full of both food and love!

I will return later this week with the beginnings of my New-Years-Resolution talk! Prepare yourselves!

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NaNoWriMo :: who’s in?

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On November 1, 2008 I plan on beginning my fifth novel. If you’re not wondering where the first four novels are (two are on CD and two are still on the laptop), you’re probably wondering why I’m not starting it until the first on November. Going on four years now, every November I’ve sat down and joined the ranks of those who write. November is National Novel Writing Month. Write 50,000 words in 30 days and you have a short novel.

Novel number five is going to be chick lit, but it’ll be the first novel I’ve worked seriously on since my divorce. It was a novel that was first outline weeks after my divorce. Already I feel a darker tone in the outline and am sure that it will come out in the paragraphs themselves.

Writing is free therapy for me. I write to get feelings out that aren’t suitable for public expression. I write to share opinions that hardly anyone knows I have. I write to express me.

On the wall behind my desk (in front of where I would sit if I used the desk) I have a print in a very dark, heavy frame that reads:
“write to make sense of life experiences.
write to learn as much as you can from all the challenges and the joys.
write because words and ideas are fascinating.
write because exploring concepts is pay.
write to synthesize explorations and make them practical.
write to become the best version of yourself.
in the process of seeking empowerment … empower others.
write to inspire, motivate, comfort, facilitate, discover, communicate.
in this scratching, this making marks … encourage others to make their own mark.”

This November, I encourage you; make your own mark. Write something you wouldn’t normally write. You don’t have to share it, but make your mark next month. Let’s plan on doing it together.

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It’s the little things

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Last night a friend, we’ll call her Georgia, and I were talking about how great pen & paper journaling is for our hearts. While we have absolutely different journaling styles (she likes large, unruled, sketchbooks and I like compact college-ruled spiral-bound notebooks) we both like to use our journals to write to GOD. In the past four months I have filled over 200 pages of journal with words from my heart that stay between the LORD and I.

Georgia has been struggling with a lot of familial drama lately and since we live almost 2,000 miles away from one another I can’t just drive over with a hug and a few frozen dinners. Last night while talking she mentioned that she was having “tons of impossible thoughts” and I encouraged her to start journaling those thoughts to get them out in a safe place. Unfortunately my dear Georgia is without journal and can’t splurge on the ones she really liked.

I live paycheck to paycheck, but recently after switching a prescription from Target to Rite-Aid, I received a $30 giftcard. I spent a few dollars on some foundation a week ago and couldn’t decide what to spend more of the money on. Today I used some of that gift card to get one of my dearest friends a bit of therapy.

Georgia, if you’re reading this, expect mail soon. I have it all ready to go. I know you told me not to send you anything, but I’m not listening. I love you too much. On another random note, I’ll only be 1,000 miles away once I move! ROAD TRIP halfway between us? Memphis will never know what hit ’em!

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Hack your own life

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Thinking about simplifying your life? Check out some of these “hacks” to do just that!

  1. Three-box clean-up: Use three mostly self-explanatory boxes to help you clean: trash, donate and maybe. Use that last “maybe” box to hold on to stuff you aren’t quite sure of yet. Put the box in a storage place for a month and go back to it when you’re ready.
  2. Keep your lists short: I love lists; I am the first to admit that, but the longer my list becomes, the more overwhelmed I get, and the fewer tasks I’m actually able to take care of. Keep your lists as short as four or five things! When you get one thing done, then you can add another, but never keep twelve things on the list!
  3. Learn to say “no”: this is hard, I know. I’m a “yes” girl. But for a week (I challenge you!) say no to every new request. Take some time for yourself and clean up the messes you made the week before. Worry about the new stuff next week. Rinse & repeat.
  4. Stop multi-tasking!: Do one thing at a time. Watch TV. Work on a puzzle. Write a blog entry. Don’t watch TV while you’re chatting with a friend while you’re writing a blog entry while you’re cooking dinner. I did this two Sundays ago and got more work accomplished in that time than any other amount of multi-tasking time!
  5. “One in, two out”: when you bring home something new, get rid of two old things. In no time, your house will be a haven of simplicity!

More soon!

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What I’m thinking about …

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  • moving. South Carolina is really far away. I’m sure this is what God is leading me to do, but I’m scared. There, I admitted it. Go me. I need to start making lists again to keep myself organized. I’ll plan for it and my steps will be directed.
  • … working. I feel like I’m working a lot. I work 40 hours a week at the bank and then have double-digit hours for WEGOHealth and then count this blog as work, too. I love being busy, but I’m working a lot.
  • … playing. I’m not doing it enough. What do you do for play-time?
  • … singing. Lately I’ve been singing a lot. In the car, in the shower, on the couch, in the coffee shop I’m at right now. What has gotten into me?
  • … running. Dear Running, I miss you. Will you stop making my foot hurt so we can’t hang out again? The weather is about to get nasty and I’d love to spend some time outside with you before it does. Love, Sarah
  • … writing. I do a lot of non-fiction writing, but I’m passionate about ALL forms of writing. NaNoWriMo is coming up, but with all that working (see above) I don’t know if I have the actual time to write another novel.
  • … moving on. From a lot of things. Change is good, especially when it’s good for you. Please keep that in mind this week.
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