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5 random things I’d like to try

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1. MorningStar Farms original sausage patties – I love the MorningStar Farms corn dogs and can’t imagine why I wouldn’t like the sausage, too.

2. Kotex Ultra Thin with Wings pads – yes, you read that right, I want to try out this pad. I have always (like since I was 16) been an Always Ultra Thin Regular with wings girl but they don’t have the “cut-a-way” that the Kotex pad is advertising. It’s been something that has annoyed me for almost ten years. Maybe it’s time to switch things up? (If you’re not ready to switch things up, you can at least get a free sample of the Always Infinity pads here.)

3. A pair of cute earth shoes. A friend of the family has a few pair that she loves, but I hadn’t found a pair that I thought were age-appropriate until I visited their website and began searching. I would wear a pair of the Dharma shoes in bordeaux glossy leather, or a pair of the Solar shoes in black glossy leather. I can’t believe it took me so long to actually go to the site and pick out the shoes I would wear!

4. Something from the new Vickery & Clarke line. CVS has this line of natural beauty products that I have been dying to try. The Detox Face Mask, the Mega Rich Eye Cream and the Hand Creme with Shea Butter are all on my list. Too bad there are no CVS Pharmacies in my area!

5. Fuze – in some of the slenderize flavors. Tangerine Grapefruit and Pomegrantae Acai Berry sound like such intriguing flavors! Maybe I’ll splurge the next time I’m at the grocery store! “7 great flavors, 10 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 4 key ingredients and 1 resolution!”

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New Year’s Resolutions VIII

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61. Organize my music on iTunes – I have a slew of music on there that doesn’t have proper titles or artists and I need to put them in order so I know what I’m listening to!

62. Organize my music on my iPod – see #61

63. Take a cooking class (thanks Angie) – I think anyone could benefit from a cooking class; learning to make something really well could come in handy!

64. Bake a cake from scratch – learn to do this in a cooking class?

65. Bake brownies from scratch – see #64

66. Take a workout class – once I’m back in school, these classes can be counted for credit, so this one is a definite possibility for me.

67. Be able to do 50 (real) push ups in a row – the website one hundred push ups is a great program to get you on your way to having some amazing arms

68. Find a new tea I like – I’ve met very few teas that I didn’t like, so hopefully I can do this soon!

69. Try a new coffee drink – I’ve branched into soy and it hasn’t increased my migraines, so I shall continue to try new flavors with it and find my perfect cup!

70. Don’t drink alcohol for an entire month – my liver would appreciate the detox.

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Hack your life, ed II

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  1. Stop saving everything: essentially, limit your storage space so that you have less stuff. This fits along with the “one in, two out” rule I wrote about yesterday. If you have less stuff, your life has less hassle; I promise.
  2. Prevent your email from overwhelming you: cut back on the information that floods your inbox. Ask your aunt to stop sending you every forward she finds, unsubscribe to those mailing lists your belong to, delete blog feeds you no longer read. With fewer sources of information in your life, you’ll absolutely feel less stressed.
  3. Go for a walk: take nothing with you (no iPod, no cell phone, no friend) and get out of the house. Take your time and enjoy yourself. It’s simple. It makes you feel better.
  4. Send only five emails today: pick the five most pressing emails in your inbox and
  5. Send only five-line emails: use only five lines to write back to to them. Save yourself the time and hassle of paragraph after paragraph and keep things to the point!
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